A Fickle Mistress Poem by Dee Daffodil

A Fickle Mistress

Rating: 5.0

She lures us in,
As if with her beguiling grin
She captures hearts inclined to sin

That lady fair
Displays a most defiant glare
When we attempt to leave her lair

Makes us drunk with glee
But, she will never set us free
From that which we desire, but can never be

Entices all
With her soul she does call
To those that she may soon enthral

That fickle mistress
Causes hearts and souls distress
Because she fills that need...that humans do possess

James B. Earley 03 May 2008

An extraordinary bit of wit and truth! Excellent.

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 23 May 2008

Poetry is life poetry is thereapy, poetry............... poetry, poetry poetry evrywhere..................

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Juliette Lamoureux 06 August 2008

Awesome, simply awesome.

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O Anna Niemus 06 August 2008

a veru thought provoking poem

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Chris O'keeffe 05 September 2008

a beautiful poem that is all too true. love it.

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Karen LaRose 22 October 2009

I don't know how to put into words all that I want to say, but I absolutely love this piece

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Eyan Desir 16 February 2009

well, written plus well express..lol great job

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James B. Earley 10 February 2009

Excellent composition! Please read 'Definition Of Poet.'

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Russel Sprouts 04 February 2009

A wonderfully true and beautiful poem Dee. A well-deserved ten for sure. Keep em coming!

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Carl Harris 04 February 2009

No often does a poet write so accurately of Erato, that muse of poetry, which so affects the soul of every poet around the world, Dee. Your fine poem is beautifully written and expressed, and written in a fairly terse style that is quite reader friendly. You have tied these related verses together quite wonderfully. Carl.

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