Create The Illusion Of Calm Poem by Dee Daffodil

Create The Illusion Of Calm

Rating: 4.4

A poem for someone who needs to hear this...

When life sends you chaos and destruction
Create the illusion of calm
Others depend on you
To get them through
The tough times
Show them
Guide them
Lead them
Release them from their fear
When life sends you turmoil and despair

And when life send you personal defeat
And anguish
Create the illusion of calm
Even when your spirit has been broken
And you feel cut in two
For others are watching you
And depend on you, to...
Show them
Guide them
Lead them

And in time...
God willing...
That illusion of calm
Will once again
Release you from the chains
That tightly bind you
Leaving your spirit free
Restore again the body and the soul
And render you whole again

February 12,2007

Ted Sheridan 12 February 2007

I got u and I am making lemonade.......

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Mpho Petrus Manwedi 13 February 2007

Thank you for this poem, I really need the calm at this time. Your spirit is touching mine and I hope it brings the calm to others who need it out there. Wonderful and calming poem.

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Francesca Johnson 14 February 2007

How true this piece of advice is, Dee. By creating an aura of calm, those around you will feel more secure and safe, and this feeds back to you. I hope the intended recipient takes heed........ Well written, wording superb. Love, Fran xxx

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Melvina Germain 16 February 2007

Oh yes, what you send out you get back, excellent poem with a great message. Thankyou so much---Melvina---

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Ted Sheridan 16 February 2007

The calmest people or at least those who 'look' the calmest are the dead. I remember my Grandfather was cutting his lawn and fell over. When they picked him up he actually looked happy.

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Juliette Lamoureux 03 August 2008

I liked this poem!

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Barry Van Allen 16 March 2008

Dee, I think that everyone needs to hear that, but, not calm as much, as the illusion of control in thier lives! ... Enuff fillosofee! B.V.A.

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 26 April 2007

Gee, this is such an amazing poem! It weaves through it such truth...Amazing truths that we should always try to follow! This is one of those poems that I wish I wrote because of the message and the great way you displayed it! Thanx for sharing I will do my best to follow those guidelines just that much more today.10/10. Take care Dee... =Shelley=

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Esther Leclerc 20 February 2007

Dee, this is officially one of my favorite 'words of wisdom' ever... In the midst of tough times, it's often beyond our reach, that calm. We need someone to remind us. Mind over matter - it works. So, if it's all right, I'm copying this to post on my mirror. And here's love to a wonderful soul: YOU! Esther : ]

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Janice Walkden 20 February 2007

I like this poem because it shows that whatever life throws at us, we have to deal with it and carry on. There is great strength in creating an illusion of calm, so much so that it becomes no longer an illusion, as the calmness will exist for real (if you get my philosophical drift :))

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