Free Your Soul Poem by Dee Daffodil

Free Your Soul

Rating: 4.9

To truly live
And cherish life
To feel every joy...
One needs to bare their soul
And relinquish all their fears

For a soul that lies in hiding
Cannot truly fly
Like a dove whose wings are clipped
It's left alone to die

When you can be so strong
To stand alone and say
'This is who I am
Take me or leave me
This is all I'll ever be'

Then you have bared your soul
For everyone to see
Then there is nothing left to hide
And your soul is truly free

Not a member No 4 09 February 2007

It's the way it has to be, but it takes us a while to fully appreciate it though. Becoming truly ourselves and having the strength to live to the full as ourselves is tough even when you know the road there! Great poem full of insight and wisdom. Expressed with great brevity and effectiveness. xx jim

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Duncan Wyllie 09 February 2007

So well said Dee, too many times we hide behind a false wall, I heard a saying once that made a real impact on me.. 'FEAR KNOCKED, FAITH ANSWERED..NO-ONE WAS THERE! Take care, Love duncan X

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Tranquil Ocean 09 February 2007

Over the years....building so many layers...losing track of what are real self is.... Great poem. Love...TO

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Barry Van Allen 10 February 2007

Dee, All very true and well done! So, where is the guarantee ? You know, the one that says that everyone will love you after that ? Maybe, that could be the reason that so many still hide ?

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Francesca Johnson 14 February 2007

A deep poem and probably very true. But it takes maturity and a great deal of courage to throw off those shackles and allow your soul to be bared... We are seeing a new style of writing here, Dee. Philosophical, deep. And thought-provoking. Love, Fran xxx

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Tom Balch 02 October 2008

Re; Greenwolf, s comment, the reader dose not give 10, s the writer earns them, this poem earns 10. Well penned, Dee, love this piece Regards Tom

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Greenwolfe 1962 15 August 2008

I don't normally give tens but it's hard to avoid them when someome imparts one of the truly great philosophies in such a succinct manner. Cheers for the philosopher queen. GW62

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Rommel Filoteo 20 September 2007

nice poem! i really love it!

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Mazey daisey 03 July 2007

i absolutely loved this poem......

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Esther Leclerc 20 February 2007

Dee, your contemplative writes are compelling, healing, inspiring gifts... This is no exception. Esther : ]

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