A Splash Of Joyful Memories Poem by Sameer Ahmed

A Splash Of Joyful Memories

Rating: 4.7

Sun beams
Reflect through
Cotton wool like remnants
Of departing clouds
In linear patterns.

Tiny pearls
Juggle the light rays
And diverge
An arc
In seven hues.

Scent of silt
And sodden dust
Rides the gust
Of mushroomy cool breeze
And disperse the serenity.

Jiving grasshoppers
Camouflaged in green
Mingle furtively
On dance floor
Of moistened grass.

Naked trees
Gravitate by wetness
Ensue the wistfulness
Of olden days
When standing beneath them
After a rainfall
We would jolt their trunk
And enjoy the splash.

Amy Douglass (Fifita) 13 June 2009

Metaphorical genius. It's very thoughtful and structured brilliantly. Beautiful

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Pandian Angelina 13 June 2009

Fresh is your poem Refreshing the drizzle Youthful spirit Childhood memories Never to be forgotten Thanks, Sameer, For giving us a glimpse Into our forgotten Childhood days! Angel

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Dilek AvþAr 13 June 2009

Great! I am new in poem but i am impressed your beautiful poem..Really perfect..i hope i will be a perfect poet as you..please read my poems..i wonder your comments...

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Emily Core 14 June 2009

nice poem if u like going out side but i stay in my home nice and some what happy

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Ying Escalona 15 June 2009

yap...really joyful....the splash has fourteen hues..much more than that of the rainbow

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Marla Smith 11 July 2009

It is very true in life, but also makes you look at many other points and views in it.

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Sicelo Sithole 03 July 2009

beautiful images here Sameer, well composed verse...interesting to read. thank you.

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Ted M 27 June 2009

Brings back lovely memories of the younger years. The early morning rains and the little creatures around. Great Write.

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Ravi A 23 June 2009

Here, the rain has brought you some evergreen memories. Good. In my case also, rain is also a strong a element and so can easily absorb your poem. Good verses.

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Aamnah Akhtar 22 June 2009

the poetry... it's picturesque... it talks to you... it's humble... and yet you have so much expertise with the language... i'm so glad i got to read this...

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