*a Heavenly Cocoon On Earth (Dedicated To My Mother) Poem by Sameer Ahmed

*a Heavenly Cocoon On Earth (Dedicated To My Mother)

Rating: 4.1

Shielding me
From vulnerability outside
By ethereal cloche
She enshrouds me
In her protective envelop
Like a cocoon
Wrapping a larva
Through metamorphosis
She assembles comforts
Cultivates happiness
And weaves dreams
For me
Beyond her life.

(10 - 05 - 2009)

Ben Gieske 11 May 2009

Nicely done with a good choice of selective words. I like the combination of all the c words.

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Naidz Ladia 11 May 2009

a very nice dedication to your mother..belated greetings for your mother dear little one..always love her, she knows best next to GOD, , .your poem for her is very nice..i'll include this in my fav..naizz

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Saadat Tahir 11 May 2009

great sameer...a true and touching ode to any mother nice job there are a zillion ways one can think of ones mother but it comes down to tender unasuming love that demands nothing in return an wishes to give every thing.. what a phenomenon...? amazing you did a nise small piece...great cheers

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Surayya Abbas 11 May 2009

Realy great Sameer......Very happy to read it. Great tribute to pure love. May Allah bless your mother long life with best health and may you love her every moment of your life. Ayya Aappi

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Malcolm The Last. 11 May 2009

Perfect words to the poet's mother, and to all the Mothers of this world who have made it possible for you and me to say it is possible. Great moment of introspection!

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June30 Tara 30 June 2009

What a lovely tribute to the most wonderful creation of Almighty! ! ! Thanks for sharing :)

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a beautiful, true and sincere poem..very well expressed

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Christopher Flynn 15 June 2009

For the love of your mother such a beautiful poem. To me it expresses the very essence of a mother, to love, protect and dream of a better future for her child.

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Lillian Thomas 08 June 2009

this is very well written, good imagery, well-constructed. These are my favorite lines: 'And weaves dreams For me Beyond her life.' They have resonance beyond the words, deeper, very beautifully put. When you have an ending that strong, it lifts the whole poem to another level.

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 12 May 2009

And weaves dreams For me Beyond her life..................A wonderful tribute by a wonderful son............

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