A Simple White Coat Poem by Sameer Ahmed

A Simple White Coat

Rating: 4.8

It's a simple White Coat, though,
We are so unique!
We go to the places
Where suffering lies
We live there where life dies
We care for illness
Sometimes ourselves get diseased
But we relieve their colic
And they are so pleased
We are also praised
Handling the newborns
But we feel sorrow too
For the loss of vitality
Life is so precious
We cannot flirt with mortality
We also have feelings
Though, behind the mask
We keep on trying
Saving is our task
We incise their bodies
With hands soaked in blood
We cut them into pieces
And stitch them again
We always stay alert
With a dutiful response
We feel afresh
With their healing stance
We convince their minds
To keep our advice
They are close to our hearts
So always satisfied
They call us Messiah
And bestow us with prayers
They leave the sanatorium
And walk downstairs
We feel a little empty
But that's alright!
It's a simple White Coat, though,
We are so unique!


Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 30 December 2008

well done Sameer, compassionate thoughts. a great poem. Thanks sharing. 10 +++

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Stacey Watts 30 December 2008

Wow truly wonderful. Such an inspirational piece.10

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Enrique Souffle 30 December 2008

Very nice writing. You are still very young. I would be very interested to see you visit this poem in, say,5 years, and perhaps re-write it. Good start.

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Raj Arumugam 04 January 2009

very true about doctors, Sameer.

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Naidz Ladia 04 January 2009

dear little one, am confused if ur a nurse or a doctor or any related to medine...but i know ur a good person...white coat represents white job.. the way u deliver ur poem is very visible for me that ur a good person with good heart..if ur a dr, then the white coat is a reward in ur profession.keep ur wrk good, show it in the lines of poetry....ths is a good start little dear one..u must be nspired, , , , thats the essence of a good lover of nature.. keep up the good performance.. naizz

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Ashish Dimri 01 July 2009

Dear Dr.Sameer, Well said! Let's hope, you will always cherish it for long! yours, ashish

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 June 2009

White coat- medical profession- service Nice poem, love it.

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 18 April 2009

In a profession where being humble, as you carry God's gift of healing in capable hands, is payment enough....do we value our Doctors enough?

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life is worth living... people are greatefull for their work Best wishes, Sabrina.

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Pampero Jadan 22 January 2009

good one it is about u my fellow humanistic touch ur thoughts is derived to mind and the good work oh, this is really taugh hard career! Allah' madad

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