A Spritual Twins Poem by Luwi Habte

A Spritual Twins

Rating: 5.0

Dedicated to Betty (My best friend)

She is not me
But she knows what i want to be

She is not my twin
But she got what I win

She is not my self
But she shares my pain as her self

She is not with me at the moment
But she know each and every movement

She is not only just a friend
Some thing inside must be hidden

We share pain and suffering almost as same
We also face happiness at the same time
And so and so...all the things we let pass
Had some thing in link of press

I really love her, my Betty
She is ever best lady
And a good friend
Unlike others she is not fake

My type and my twin through unknown spirit
Let me tell her that she is my heart

Dr.subhendu Kar 18 July 2009

My type and my twin through unknown spirit Let me tell her that she is my hear............................ art of friendship as curved over stone of love as the color of pants riffles across heart of hearts, wonderful tribute to a friend unequaled blazing the glory of love, as when distance of love converges upon to a point of no return, yet impeccable by virtue, yet passionate to the point of extremity, wrought ingenious by imagery,10+++, thanks for sharing

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Malini Kadir 18 July 2009

I loved the title dear......it should as such.....lucky you my dear to have found her...

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Mohammed Albalushi 18 July 2009

true, real friends should be like that one soul in 2 bodies, well write dear

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Emma Adamyan 15 July 2009

well, one of the best ode to a friend i have ever read. and again the talented young lady Luwi. u made not just a poem, but a work of art. impressed

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Nazia Hamsakutty 15 July 2009

yes! ! ! u said it..the concept of friendship..this is what i also feel about friendhsip..but failed to get it in long run of life...whomever thought as my twin turned out to be total stranger in this rat race world..i pray may ur betty stay with u forever nd prove herself that this poem deserves to be a dedication from u to her....but i fear 'TIME'! ! ! ! which proved most of the friends as a FAKE! ! ! well written thought..my heart felt congrats

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Mubeen Sadhika 02 September 2009

Beautifully imagined. Nicely formed. Great work.

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Catrina Heart 27 July 2009

Lovely and touching piece! ! !

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its a very nice poem and very touchy too.i luv ur writing.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 19 July 2009

very touchy and thoughful eloquence............lovely! 10+

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Angel's lyre 19 July 2009

you're so lucky to have such a friend. Such friends are blessing to us :)

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