A Tower Of Power Poem by Ben Gieske

A Tower Of Power

Rating: 3.4

We will build a tower
With unbridled spring-water attitudes
Flowing with fires of charity
For all the suffering multitudes
Dispossessed and swallowing poverty
We will give them power

We will build a tower
With lots of windows and no ears
With promises for those who have ceased their quest
For the young and old in years
For those who no longer turn west
We will give them power

We will give them power
Give them tomorrows and rainbows in tomorrow’s flowers
Help them fill pitchers with milk, honey, and cream
Reap the green of crops they have never seen
Shelter them from the cold, black screams
They will scale the tower

We will build a tower
They will scale like goats and soar like eagles
Who climbs higher than these birds?
They will peer through rose-colored gothic windows
And see the many rainbows of blooming flowers spilling colors
They will have the power

We will build a tower
For those near and far
Those who lost their dreams
Those who ceased the quest
Those no longer traveling west

Our actions will speak louder than words
They will sing the music of the birds
Learn to disregard the terms
Of all their unanswered yearns

- June 5,2007

Robert Howard 13 December 2007

Beautifully idealistic declaration.

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Luis Gil 15 June 2007

The tower would be a great idea. I have the impression we prefer destroying rather than building towers. Besides, the number of towerless people tends to infinite.... We prefer to believe we have towers. Towerless of the world, unite! ! !

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Sandra Fowler 15 June 2007

Beautiful, compassionate, and truly touched by light. Take care. Kind wishes, Sandra

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Marilyn 16 June 2019

Thank you for this poem Ben. I enjoyed it very much. It is full of concern for the suffering of humanity, and the desire to help, and not just about a personal struggle. May I please have your permission to read it to a small contemplative group I am in? We have a theme on The Tower we are exploring on June 22. Thank you.

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Meggie Gultiano 22 December 2008

a powerful write.Glad i was able to read this.Thanks for sharing

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Reshma Ramesh 25 September 2008

very nice indeed...........

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Twiggy Tubercio 28 May 2008

I love how you did this, ideal to a certain degree, using plenty 'metaphors' and comparisons, yet so simple that an idiot could read it, but still appealing to the more sophisticated eye, sorry for being so blunt, but good write, and somehow on a nearly cliche topic....

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Simone Inez Harriman 05 January 2008

Lovely and empowering... thank you Ben.

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