** A True Confession! Poem by RAJ NANDY

** A True Confession!

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‘This world is never the same dear Lord,
Which you had created in just seven days;
I am one of your many sinful slaves,
Confessing to wash my sins away!
In my young days I never visited your
house of prayers,
Nor did I keep fast on Sabbath Days!
A conceited life I had generally led, -
Losing Your thoughts and going astray!

This world has not remained the same dear
Which You had created in just seven days!
People only think about their pleasures,
Material culture has taken its sway!
Money and sex are like two poles,
On which this world revolves these days!
Only if you intervene dear Lord,
Your erring slaves may yet amend their

Pardon me for my confessions dear Lord,
I fear Your angels don’t inform you these
This world has become very volatile, -
Which you had created in just seven days!
Terrorism now has spread out its wings,
And killing has become a recreational
Humanity has become a forgotten thing,
And people forget to take Your name!

The world is not the same O Lord, -
Which you had created in only seven days!
But your slaves still fear you thunderbolts, -
And only in pain and suffering remember
Your name!
So accept my humble prayers dear Lord,
And this true confession I now make;
Do not wipe away all our tears dear Lord,
Only then we shall remember to take
Your name! ’
-Raj Nandy
21 Mar 09
New Delhi

Dhanya M G 29 October 2009

i like the detailing in your poem, particularly 'I fear Your angels don’t inform you these days! ' it has a striking relevance in today's time. Thanks for a thought-provoking poem.really appreciate it.

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premji premji 31 July 2009

dear raj ji, let everything change except values... sad, they only vanish first....

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C. P. Sharma 24 July 2009

An earnest outcry. But the Milton's murmur soon replies, God doth not need Either man's work or his own gifts, who best Bear his milde yoak, they serve him best, his State Is Kingly. Thousands at his bidding speed And post o're Land and Ocean without rest: They also serve who only stand and wait. CP

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Nikunj Sharma 22 July 2009

Mere har shabd mein har din Tera hee naam hota hai Tere darshan se he mera Har bigda kaam hota hai Tu hee allah, tu hee hai ram Mere dil mein bas tera hee naam Teri tasveer kea aage mein sajda roj karta hoon Teri har aah pe jalim mein sau sau bar marta hoon Utha le aaj mujko, lagale gale se tu Tere darshan, tera pyar hee hai meri justjoo Tujh hee pe mar ke mujko ek din gujar jana hai Jo sab bolen jahan mein bas tera ek hee deewana hai. pls include my name in the confessioner's list

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This world is never the same dear Lord, Which you had created in just seven days; I am one of your many sinful slaves, it was never as u intended to live..i am sinful here... what an anguish in poet's mind.. lovely write...10 read mine go back and i am disgrace...comment

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Rinki Nandy 29 June 2010

Nice write on humanity, faith, GA, nature and addressed to God, i really admire the idea.

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Indira Renganathan 03 April 2010

Really from the bottom of your heart is this poem... 'I fear Your angels don’t inform you these days'...I think everyone has this question....adorable words....a true confession

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 22 December 2009

the world is definitely on the wrong path no doubt about that JUSTIFICATION is there for every one the terrorist, killer every one JUSTIFICATION IS THERE without which not a single soul can last here walking on the wrong path is definitely not human tendency but we do and justify it too

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C. P. Sharma 20 December 2009

Sir, Confession and repentance redeems of all sins. Beautiful confession and a prayer from the core of your heart. Regards, CP

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Luwi Habte 16 November 2009

yeah, may God forgive our sins.. all of the people on the world such a nice poem thanks for sharing with me luwi

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