! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A Wake Up Call! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Poem by Mamta Agarwal

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A Wake Up Call! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Has our planet ever charged rent for living on it?
It shared its bounty, though some rules were implicit
How could we be so short-sighted and full of greed.
We may have to pay a price for this, God forbid.

Recklessness propelled us to break all the laws
And make plans in the name of progress full of flaws.
Now we have to face the inevitable consequences
Are floods, hurricanes nature’s way of taking vengeance?

Plants, animals and birds are completely confused,
They used to instinctively follow nature’s cues.
Sombrely, new inquiry commissions are being set
To examine global warming and the environment.

How does one go about checking pollution?
Take steps to damage control and find a solution?
You ought to be filled with remorse and penitence
Safe planet was coming generations’ inheritance.

its our reponsibility is to be a good ancestor, 'said John Salk.
but who cares we have got used to tight rope walk.
Our callousness and unmindfulness had no end.
What will we tell our children in our defence?

What will you say when your children accuse you.
Can you look them in the eye and say anything on the issue?
There is still time to deal with the looming crisis.
If we seriously want to avoid meeting our nemesis.

Is it true, sins of the parents fall on the children?
There is no time to waste answering this question…
let's take a pledge today to save our planet.
There is no more time to be really compacent.

John Salk was the person who invented polio vaccine

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Kesav Easwaran 12 November 2008

We humans are members of a big family, the solar system....so are the planets...they definitely influence our living environment....a good write signifying this important aspect 10

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Ramesh T A 13 November 2008

If the warnings given are heeded it is well and good for all! Such warnings are still more needed to wake up the people from deep slumber before it is too late!

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Allemagne Roßmann 02 September 2011

Has our planet ever charged rent for living on it? Superb way of starting the poem with a question sparking comments...well done

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Ivor Hogg 06 February 2010

Nature has warned us on many occasions.We choose to ignore her so she demonstrates her power with earthquakes floods and hurricanes. It is certainly time we woke up to our responsibilities

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 15 August 2009

the fist line triggers...starts your thinking process...even in 20 yr old building we do renovation a face lift and all...what an old planet...appearing ageless and young is his magic...the problem is i think is of attachment not responsibility...renovation of houses is done to keep it going..an emotional attachment is there on it...no such in the planet which has been taken for granted

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Nikunj Sharma 30 June 2009

Every bit true and concerning.I couldn't agree more...

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Reshma Ramesh 23 November 2008

good message there............well penned mam...10! !

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