A True Poem About Drugs Poem by Dave Alan Walker

A True Poem About Drugs

Rating: 4.5

I know a girl
who jumped out of a window
because she couldn't
have a fix

She broke her back
and her dignity
Lost her kids
and her dealers run away

I know a girl
who told everyone she was rich
so they would lend her a fix

They'll be calling
for their money today
I bet there's nobody there

She'll be somewhere else
giving someone else
her despair

Heather Wilson 10 April 2012

A brilliant message to put over, well written.

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Stewart Ross 10 April 2012

Hi dave, thanks for your words on my poem, broken, I'm very new at this and so I don't feel confident enough to review poetry to any great extent, however, for what my view is worth, I liked Ur poem

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Ric Bastasa 10 April 2012

nice poem, makes me wonder more about drugs...take care dave

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Hans Vr 10 April 2012

Strong message. Sad that still in the 21 century we have been unable to do away with dealers. Too much money involved. Those who are supposed to do away with dealers likely take their share and fail the community and allow the continued (indirect) killing of our youngsters. We can find Osama but allow pushers in the schools of our children. We need a kindness revolution.

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Karen Sinclair 27 October 2012

such a sad tale...but brilliant in your chosen form direct and honest....tyvn karen

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Arianne Owens 17 June 2012

very nice, I know a lot of people on drugs, the things they do: / the only thing you can really do is pray

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C S 17 May 2012

I had a friend that did this, jumped from a tower block and broke her back, its sad. Good poem

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Jalisa Curtin 14 April 2012

*shake head* this poem is so good. my cousin (may he rest in peace) he hung himself in frount of his baby girl cause he got so high and couldnt get away from everything: ((but drugs are not worth it....

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Eric Cockrell 11 April 2012

drugs are the death of the soul... take it from one who knows! great poem.

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