A Woman Can Do This (For Sandra) Poem by Jette Blackstone

A Woman Can Do This (For Sandra)

Rating: 4.5

A woman's eyes
have touched the scene, seared it
into a still life, no
a book of philosophy
that transitions to fine wine,
a pinot noir, ephemeral
yet lasting
like a river of emotions that flow
over, leave the landscape sanded-
A woman's lips
have touched your face
and kissed your cheek,
turned your skin into a warm
and welcome space to receive
sentiments that transition
to pages of poems, of hearts
that foster a spring of wings,
of flights, that travel
through the clouds
into the heavens,
just so you can see
one moment-clearly.
A woman with a pen
can touch a world
and turn it from white
to green, transition
the coldest heart to
a pulsing river of red.
A woman can do this.
This woman can.

Thursday, January 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life,poet,poetry
Laurie Van Der Hart 07 January 2018

What a great poem, Jette! I love its fluidity, its positivity. And it's femininity. Beautiful images. My favourite - the river of emotions that sand the landscape and leave it softer. I think the poem describes you very well.

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Savita Tyagi 04 January 2018

A lovely tribute to Sandra. She sure is one woman touching us all so miraculously. An excellent poem. Thanks for sharing.

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sandra feldman 05 January 2018

There must be some mistake, How could I ever be? This most amazing woman That you, dear sister see in me. Verses like these do crown a lifetime Today I feel life shining thru, I send you, deepest love, Plus true affection And wish the very best, So many blessings For you too. I won't ever forget, These precious words This priceless Gift That fills my heart With joy and gratitude. Very, very sincerely and so touched by this unexpected and wonderful poem, Sandra

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Yiyan Han 06 January 2018

If this woman can Any woman can ... nice dedication piece.

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Glen Kappy 21 February 2018

Hi, Jette! This poem flows! And if this didn’t come out in one inspired stream of consciousness, I’d be surprised. No need to convince me of what a woman can do, but I like the reminder here. Hoping you are well in all ways, Glen

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Khairul Ahsan 19 February 2018

Feeling left out to have seen this beautiful poem so late! 'A woman can do this. This woman can' - Yes, she can! I've known poet Sandra Feldman almost since the time I had started writing in PH. She's been a great inspiration for me. I see eye to eye to many points that she writes about. Thanks for your eloquent tribute to a worthy poet, whose words touch!

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Seamus O Brian 14 February 2018

A delight to read, and to contemplate. It feels like a soft, welcome breeze blowing into my heart, speaking quiet remembrances of the power of good each of us is endowed with. Beautiful piece.

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Daniel Brick 19 January 2018

The assertion of the last two lines is so satisfying: it's justice achieved, and a better future promised. The development id the poem's theme is so deftly handled, the way one thing leads to another, and cumulatively unfold persuasively.. I can't articulate this further: it's something embedded in your poem; s structure that pulls me in. And thr cimbinatuin of Blackstine and Feldman is just winderful. Whart a nexus of grace and ourpose!

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Simone Inez Harriman 09 January 2018

A stunning write for a stunning woman. Truly the most beautiful gift of words to the most deserving woman on this site. Your magnificent poem touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

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