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A Wonderful Painting

Rating: 5.0

A Wonderful Painting
by Alex Lewis

I remember before my mother's art
When I was but an egg.
The painting took color in every part.
One shade is but a leg.

The lavish blues spread across the page like a waving, smiling sea.
The canvas was plain and bare, except the blues, happily set free.

With the blue, I went to play as childish as I may.
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Alex, Ben Gieske recommended me to read this colorful poem as he knew how much I like color. It is so inventive and creative and you use color in a way I would not thought of! You have certainly colored my day. 10 Karin Anderson

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Ben Gieske 02 July 2009

I like your novel approach to this subject and appreciate the play of all the colors.

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Siglinde Good 28 June 2009

This is very, very well done. 'But I am just one piece in a gallery and all of you are the others' - That makes me smile. There's something very clever about your writing, and whatever, implacable thing it is, I really like it.

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rago rago 19 June 2009

a fantastic write...... you are gifted to write........ let me see a lot from you.....

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