(aaaa.) Mankind In Dreamland Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

(aaaa.) Mankind In Dreamland

Rating: 4.6

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Pestered and pursued
by unknown foes
A topsy turvy land
where snakes could have horns
and cows can have fangs.
Night'mares' where the day's stallions
make mountains out of molehills

A chance to witness greek mythology-like creatures for real
for dreamland tis a place for the unreal surreal.

Those hair-raising scary scary dreams
beset with horrified silent screams!

For us to wake up pinching ourself
and sigh with relief there's neither tiger nor elf.

All in all, dreamland's fascination
for extra-ordinary exaggeration
and tall-tale imagination

where myth and legend come to life
An amalgam of fiction and real strife

Where assorted monsters of the mind
reign supreme in that REM sleep of our kind.

Yet on the other hand the sweet sweet dreams
where fantasies form mirages bordered by fanciful seams.

Where castles in the air float gently down to earth
only to shoot back up nowhere from the awakened one's berth.

Dreamland's a great place for any princess or fairy fair
for daydreams extend into the night and linger on there.

A quote I took to heart and it to console all and sundry
'that if your sweet dreams don't come true, don't you fret
for atleast your nightmares didn't come true either,
so just heave a sigh, by and by.

(aaaa.)    Mankind In Dreamland
Valsa George 27 January 2013

This is a lovely poem! Dreams scary and dreams rosy, they make up our nights besides our daydreams that extent into the night! ! But without them, how barren life would be! ! Enjoyed reading this! !

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Valerie Dohren 10 February 2013

Great poem about dreams - some good, some bad. Very imaginative write, enjoyed reading.

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Madina Morris 20 March 2013

I love the imagery you use in this poem. Very great job.

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Colin Bradley 20 March 2013

very creative with imagery

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 24 June 2013

your imagination and used imagery is beyond my thought so nice

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Yash Shinde 19 March 2014

you created a web of imagery, illusions in this piece, you beautifully explained things beyond natural......great wrk dear

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Melikhaya Zagagana 10 March 2014

Emphatically articulated unity of words. I like it!

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Words' Knight 27 December 2013

A fantastic professional writing.

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Rubab Atwal 02 December 2013

excellently written..enjoyed it

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Aeronius D. Mccoy 29 November 2013

I enjoy the imagery in this poem and would love to see it developed even more.

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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