(bbb) Uphill And Downhill Through Life Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

(bbb) Uphill And Downhill Through Life

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Take life for an escalator
Go both through its ups and downs
Ride it like on an elevator
Expect both smiles and frowns.

Take life for a suspense novel
you and I unaware what the next day will hold
Meditate and muse, or this book of life just peruse
Pore over it to watch life's mysteries unfold.

Take life for the open sea
But pray drown not yourself in it
lest you lose sight of God's shore
and thereby lose all spiritual wit.

Take life for a candle
let its glow illumine others too
and in each and every of its flicker
Try finding a hint or clue

Each soul's life unique as mazes of one's thumbprint
And usually for many life's quite an uphill battle
At times sweet as molasses, at times bitter as mint
and life's roller coaster shakes you like a rattle.

Life tis like the rise and fall of notes
Consoling to find people in the same boats
Ah on life you can find a zillion quotes.

Thus ponder over your life and reflect
how good you've been to it
and not just how it's been treating you
Veer around the pit, and keep your path lit
for darkness of the soul is for you unfit.

(bbb)   Uphill And Downhill Through Life
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: Love
David Wood 02 May 2013

Its just like a prayer. A wonderful poem that was a joy to read.

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Sahil Sood 02 May 2013

A marvellous poem.. Loved the way you started the poem building the scenario through out every sentence, very beautiful figure of speech.. I enjoyed reading each and every sentence.. Inspiring poem..

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Lyn Paul 30 April 2013

Wonderful words, I felt it as a prayer. Thank you

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 24 June 2013

I know you observe and then absorb deeply and then you sprinkle well done 10

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 10 June 2013

I found that life is a school room, we are here to learn, nothing is for ever, everything is a dream, and what we think and keep in our minds will became reality. However, I went through many, many problems in my life, but it is possible to overcome it, find peace and happiness when we give up the wants and wishes with the strong will, but go on life's road day by day, blessing everyone who touched our life for good or bad, because they made us stronger and wiser, expecting peace and happiness, but take what comes and solve the challenge the best we can. Go with the wind and sail the quiet waters. You can do it, it is in your name.

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Tom Maxwell 21 January 2021

Very true, nice to read thanks

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Tom Maxwell 21 January 2021

Very good, certain things happen to us to help our soul grow, If were allowed to stay in this life,

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Yash Shinde 16 March 2014

.....u suggest so many ways to explore life and experience its paradoxes...great work...

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Loaded with live! Well done my friend!

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Ken E Hall 15 December 2013

A grand write on the ups and downs of life with worthy metaphors to follow on the path that lies ahead...regards

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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