Absence Poem by subodh pandey


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Enveloped with their absence
gripping the slippery hands strongly,
they walk to mountain
wind breezes past insanely.
A dropp of sweat, skips the hold
earth yields a solitary note
in the ear the note melts.
Absence are placed way past our reach
domains of absence coalesce to form
the temple of ruins, where lone blossoms.

Farah Ilyas 11 July 2011

great combinition of words & expression...carry on

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Simran Arora 24 September 2011

Hi! Simran arora here.dear hands of 2 your thinking strenth.i read 'absence'written by u.and i think i nead to learn from u so also comment on my poems and help me out, buy....keep writting.

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Sajna Kailas 08 December 2011

wow, nice it is, deep writing. good work loved it. soulful way of writing! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Angie Bb Bebe 01 June 2012

Am feelin it! :) So much so, that i hav emailed it 2 a ruff-cut diamondesque friend a mine ;)

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Angie Bb Bebe 01 June 2012

im feelin it! ;) luv 2 dedicate 2 a joyfriend of mine, he'z a diamond in the ruff, sorta coalesce himself! :) ~ tho i wld opt 2 uze this spelling; 'coalesque, if indicating az coal... but iz all good in the floetry hood! Angie 6/1

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Johnathan Juarez 28 May 2012

your writing is mysterious to me. i wonder how u are experiencing your poems. they seem a little idiosyncratic. but it allows me to read further. thanks for sharing

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Lucy Lae 02 May 2012

such simple words the way you use them to make such simply beautiful stories: ]

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Rick Adriolo 26 January 2012

very lovely poem.. nice written!

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