The House Poem by subodh pandey

The House

Rating: 4.8

shadows from the day, dust laden
tied loosely to the sound of footfall
enter the house.
The shadows dissemble and spill
over the house, even to the unkempt bed.
The moonlight is caught in the bars
of the window sill, etched on the wall.
silently you walkout into the
widening expanse of the white light.

Sajna Kailas 06 January 2012

well done friend, loved it! beautiful combination of words.keep it up! ! !

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Rekha Mandagere 12 January 2012

Beautifully written. How nicely you have made one to move silently from the beautiful house to the vast universe! Great write.

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Unwritten Soul 13 February 2012

The imagery you used just fit to build a nice house...but a house in poetry only hahahaha...joking, nice one Subodh..write more! _Unwritten Soul

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Annabel Cruz 12 February 2012

My favorite so far.....I liked the ending (I would recommend splitting that last line after expanse so that you don't end a line on an article) .

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Amy Marie 05 February 2012

I like your imagery :)

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Brianna Winebarger 31 January 2012

beautiful poem. great word choice. a job well done, friend!

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 14 January 2012

I love it, that it is short, but says the thought. Keep on, do it for yourself, be happy that you did a good job.

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