Acceptance Poem by Dee Daffodil


Rating: 4.9

Accepting oneself
Takes time
Learning to truly love oneself...
A bit longer
Rewriting all
The negative scripts
Developed over years
Can only be done
Step by step
Day by day
And certainly
In a loving way

Anna Russell 17 August 2006

A great message that's brightened up my day. Thanks for this Dee. Hugs Anna xxx

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J M Basey 10 September 2006

Great write Dee....there's something to think upon. Jay x

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Ruby Root 15 September 2006

Hi Dee, This is a great poem, I believe the same way. I think confidence in yourself protrays who you are, but sometimes I think it is hard to be confident. I believe it's also your environment and circumstances of how one was brought up. It is hard to accept yourself if you were put down constantly. Excellent poem Dee.

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Howard Johnson 13 October 2006

I like this write, It is like what they do you eat a whale..? ? lol, , Dee

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Daniel Roxburgh 13 October 2006

So very, very true. You've made solid points here. It certainly does take time. One cannot cross the sea in a day, one must be patient. Well said Dee. Nice write.

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 January 2016

Change! ! Step by step. Nice work.

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David Threadgold 27 September 2008

Hi Dee. Can't argue with having to take time, and time taken can often lead to greater understanding. thanks for the read Regards Dave T.

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Chitra - 18 August 2008

an inspiring write! concise yet powerpacked

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Dr.subhendu Kar 16 July 2007

Dee, it is really a beautiful peice heart raising, i do appreciate, certainly deserve s its due right, skillful penning of different genere

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Stug Jordan 04 April 2007

Not surprised that everyone has said their piece about this one, it's just clever, concise and brilliant. S x

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