Blowing In The Wind Poem by Dee Daffodil

Blowing In The Wind

Rating: 5.0

If a sit still long enough
And focus...really focus
I begin to shrink
In size...until I'm tiny...tiny...tiny...

If I really focus hard enough
My layers are stripped away
To the core of my existance
That will never ever fade

If I really focus hard enough
I can actually disappear
Into the void of nothingness
Of which I have no fear

For once this moment comes for me
I will be free once again
To blow upon the wind
Wherever I may choose

I will travel to far off places
I will watch my loved ones grow
I will linger when and where I choose
An no one...will ever know...

Dee Daffodil (HW) 17 February,2007

Esther Leclerc 20 February 2007

The mystery of nothingness-and-everything all at once... A very fine meditation, Dee. Esther : ]

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Original Unknown Girl 21 February 2007

Sounds like the perfect art of escapism to me! ! Great write Dee. HG: -) xx

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David Taylor 21 February 2007

Dear Dee, may I travel there with thee? Beautiful Poem, Love David

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Howard Johnson 22 February 2007

I would have to agree with duncan, This poem should be on the top 500.It desirves being there, very well crafted, , Dee

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jack russell 22 February 2007

Oh that we really could, Dee; experience the true fly on the wall feeling...would be great fun :) Now, if I think really hard.... Best wishes :) jack.

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Chris Mendros 01 June 2007

i was waiting for you to reverse the process, and grow bigger, and i guess you did, in your own little way. The proverbial bug on the wall, with good intentions. And you got to play on a popular song title in the process. Love it.

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Jerry Hughes 09 May 2007

...Dee, wonderful Dee, you've done it again, blown our minds

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Lisa Wilkinson 12 April 2007

Bravo Dee, a brilliant well expressed piece of art.

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Stug Jordan 04 April 2007

Wow. Thought this was wonderful. First read I thought it was a 'waiting-to-die' poem but that's FAR too cynical. Levelled, layered and very pretty. S x

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Chuck Audette 01 March 2007

tiny tiny tiny? just a note, if you've become a dust mote, please don't think me any meaner if you end in the vacuum cleaner! nice imaginative write, Dee. -c

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