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After The Storm Was Gone I Now Write This

Rating: 4.6

Such loud thunders of a storm have now passed
But all of these things we've surely surpassed;
No storm or typhoon can break our strong bones,
No wind or force can destroy our firm homes.
We face each day with unity and smiles,
With our clean shoes and sandals, we've walked miles.
True, many have died but many have lived.
See truth's hope and don't be by lies deceived.
From the mud we rose and touch happiness.
Consider this as a way to greatness,
For we learned more to care for each other
And cherish this reunion forever.
Be on guard, don't let fear overtake you.
Keep in mind that our days are always new.
Nothing can ever take away our strength,
Our days are always good and long in length.
Let's embrace this day and embrace the new sun
Always remember that battles are won!
After the storm was gone I now write this,
I'm your friend mostly in times like this!

Philip Winchester 03 November 2009

Glad to see the words that spell out the Hope that you Inspire. You should be very Proud of yourself. Kind Regards God will I hope Provide.

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Matt Mooney 03 November 2009

A poem as personal as a whisper. What courage it takes to be true poet who has lived through the storm and floods and is now happy to celebrate life with us all again.10.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 02 November 2009

your poem shows that after the storm the sun will shine and a rainbow will light up the sky. Good read and a 10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 02 November 2009

A great work. Very inspiring piece. Each line has tremendous impact.

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 November 2009

Great work! I am very glad to hear from you after the storm. Thank you for sharing it with us. Edward Kofi Louis.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 31 December 2019

A friend in a storm is very comforting.Best regards to you.

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Michael Hagwood 11 October 2014

I just like the tempo of the writeing style

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Tribhawan Kaul 11 October 2014

Very nice write indeed. Enjoyed reading this poem of the day, . Congratulations

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Leslie Philibert 11 October 2014

Fine write, maybe you need a new rhyme for the last couplet...

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Liliana ~el 11 October 2013

Really wonderful and inspiring; has a great rhythmic flow!

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