Glory Must Be Seen Again Poem by Obed dela Cruz

Glory Must Be Seen Again

Rating: 4.3

When courts and debates were all ruled by true justice
The people abused it and there came injustice.
When all laws were used to defend the innocent
The rich abused it and they made the truth absent.

Now I see a nation that is punished and pale
Because the strong and the foundations became frail.
All the proper systems that dwell in the land died
And the people did works that are undignified.

From a land overflowing of milk and honey
It was turned to a land that is dry and thirsty.
And from a sea prosperous in pearls and fishes
It was turned to a sea polluted by curses.

Who would ever predict that this day will happen?
And who will ever know the end of this famine?
In the days when the splendor of the land was here
Many wanted not the Supreme One to draw near.

So tell me, who will be humble enough to cry?
Even if your pride can’t, why won’t give it a try?
Who will dare to take off man-made doctrines and lies
So that the land will see the end of this demise?

Citizens, dare to lend your hands and make a stand.
Glory must be seen again in this dying land.

PS: “The rules that we have are never meant to be broken.
Disobedience is just the decision of most men.” - Obed Dela Cruz 2010

Copyright © 2010 by Obed Dela Cruz

(February 26,2010; Marikina City)

(Dedicated to my God and nation)

(The poem is written by Obed DC. To use it in a proper manner, please email him at

Audrey Heller 27 February 2010

I'm honored that you thought of me, to read your poems. This one, is truly a master piece esapecially, because you're so young! There is nothing, that I could say to give you any advice, as you have proved, you're a great writer! I give you a 10+++++

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Audrey Heller 27 February 2010

I'm truly honored, that you thought of me, to read your poetry. This one, is truly a master piece, for someone of your age! Keep up, the good work.10+++++++

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Christina Phan 27 February 2010

another great piece 10+++ ur such talent and inspiriation

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Sheldon Saluta 28 February 2010

i like it! it's so alluring!

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Mohammed Albalushi 28 February 2010

wonderful poem, i like it but still there is justice where is humanity +10

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 20 April 2010

Hey, do you know how reflexive this poem is? This poem is a mirror of the living nowadays... Very thought provoking, you know? It's right, glory must be seen, again, we shouldn't be seeing those thing making people suffer. You wrote this very nice...

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Jester's P 10 March 2010

in the discepline of poetry your peom is standard and accepted to be a literary achievement. yes...we have to experience it ones again...particularly at this very crusial time of our history making. thank you for sharing this, this is a message for all of us -the reminder that each of us has something to share and to do for the good of all.

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Prashant Shaurya 03 March 2010

a very strong and thought provoking poem obed.. and to some extent evocative too for me.. evocative because it reminded me of the ancient india and india in the british era.. times change and so do nations... i like the way you urge your countrymen... in all it made my day and my mind is buzzing with thoughts.. 10++ certainly.. warm regards prashant shaurya

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Meaningful, eloquent and beautiful lines. Thanks for sharing.

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Marieta Maglas 01 March 2010

wonderful analytic poem, Obed, wonderful rhymes...

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