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Ahmad Shiddiqi [poemhunter]

Rating: 3.6

Walking in vibrant space.
A net work of lace.
A sound of musical lore.
At my eye's open door.
Dancing musical poems.
All looking for a home.
A poet came into view.
Playing his music cue.
A heart that enraptured.
An audience it captured.

A poet musical soul.
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well that's a great musical orchestra indeed...beautiful tribute to a great artist 10 ++

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 09 May 2009

speechless when I read this. but my heart is moving so high to the sky! very soothing style and simple way to express our feeling to others! like Scarlatti Sonata on words!

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Maria Barbara Korynt 24 February 2009

The admiration and the respect of the poet - to artistic work other poet... Very much nicely you described it. I like it. The motif of the music very well is harmonizing with the poetry, in this poem.Few words but many contents - and very well. Greetings for you :) Maria Barbara Korynt

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Pranab K Chakraborty 23 July 2010

Dancing musical poems. All looking for a home. What a mystery here. I can't move away from these lines. The abstract personification of infinite entity with simply the words.......yes, the abstract now homeless, it seeks to reside a poets heart......beautiful.....simply beautiful the poetic journey of a poet. Perhaps the poet himself becomes the poetry within whom the lines referred to. All looking for a home. Astonishing experience of reading........dancing musical poems also here........but our eyes are not so filtered where door could be opened. My warmest regards to both the poet....... pranab k chakraborty

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Sandra Dodd 28 January 2010

Whatever he paid I would double. How sweet.

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 29 September 2009

how open you are in picturing a person. nicely written. shan

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Original Unknown Girl 15 September 2009

How very gracious... lovely poem. HG: -) xx

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Walking in vibrant space. A net work of lace. A sound of musical lore. At my eye's open door... trubute to writer... good poem indeed... at my eye's open door..beautiful imagination read mine sisterin-saw, miss i miss you and success story

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