Albert Einstein 53 - The Theory Of General Relativity Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Albert Einstein 53 - The Theory Of General Relativity

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Though Dr. Einstein persevered hard
On 'The Theory of General Relativity',
It took a long time to prove it's worth!
In 1912, after a gap of four years of silence,
With no results or progress of any kind,
Dr. Einstein felt frustrated and dejected.
He poured out his feelings to his close friend
Michelle Besso that 'Every step is devilishly difficult! '

Dr. Einstein wrote to Physicist - Dr. Arnold Sommerfeld;
'In all my life I have labored not nearly as hard.'
But then, it struck him that he was making an error
In mathematics! He was using simple mathematics
Euclidean geometry as taught in schools,
Of flat surfaces, straight lines and parallel lines
That travel to infinity without ever meeting each other.
The same principle could not be used in gravity.

Einstein got in touch with his old friend,
Marcel Grossmann, a brilliant mathematician,
With whom he had close association from his student days.
Einstein requested Grossmann to help him in his ‘General Theory'.
Grossmann supported Einstein through modern mathematics,
Introducing 'Reimannian Geometry' into the realm of Physics.
They derived Maxwell's Equations for curved surfaces.
And together, published papers on their latest research.

In 1915, Dr. Albert Einstein's paper
'On the General Theory of Relativity' was published
In the 'Proceedings of the Prussian Academy of Sciences.'
Einstein was happy because this paper had the validation
Of his ‘Theory of Gravity' through geometry! This he referred
To 'As the most valuable discovery that I have made in my life'
He further stated that 'the magic of the theory will hardly fail
to impose itself on anybody who has truly understood it.'

The highlight of Dr.Einstein's revised ‘Theory of Relativity' was
The ‘Equation' that revealed the ‘curvature of space' when matter or radiation' is present. Dr. Einstein summarised;
'Matter tells space how to bend; space tells matter how to move.'
The new geometry changed the calculations for the bending of light by Gravitational field. This theory, became a reformed version of Einstein's prediction in 1911. He also added the gravitational redshift
And a marvellous reasoning for the ‘Perihelion of Planet Mercury'!

When you strive towards your objective,
With one pointed concentration, determination,
Then, you are bound to reach your destination!
You may encounter hundred hurdles that hinder your progress,
Ultimately, it is your will power that triumphs and applauds!
Dr. Albert Einstein, is a marvellous example of a genius,
In pursuit of perfection contributing to science, global development,
A shining star with luminous light that would glow forever!

A Biographical Poem

Monday, August 30, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: true,life,story,personality,discovery
Here is a sincere attempt to write the biographical life and works of Dr.Albert Einstein. Poems 51,52 & 53 on " The Theory of Relativity" has been the most difficult to write as it required understanding of Einstein research in the field of his greatest inventions in Physics. This Poem is based on the chapter - " The Road to General Relativity" by Alice Calaprice. The passages in inverted commas are taken from the 7th chapter of the book - ‘A Biography'. For detailed explanation of Albert Einstein's Research Papers on this topic, please read books published by Princeton University Press.1. ‘Albert Einstein - A biography' by Alice Calaprice & Trevor Lipscombe 2019.2. Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (CPAE) various editors and translators, Vol.1 to 9, Princeton, N.J, Princeton University Press.3. ‘Einstein's Miraculous Year' by Alice Calaprice and Sam Elworthy 4. Albert Einstein - New York, Viking. Dear Friends and Poets, Thank you for reading these poems on the life and work of Dr.Albert Einstein. I remain most grateful and thankful for your beautiful feedback! *****************
Chinedu Dike 14 October 2021

Indeed, Albert was a genius of a rare kind....

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Vividly it very much...thank u..

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