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Albert Einstein 67 - dr. Einstein & Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi & Dr. Albert Einstein
Never could meet each other,
During their extremely, eventful life period;
Filled with trials and tribulations,
Fanned with bouquets and brickbats,
Framed with struggles and victories!

But there was one major aspect of life,
That bonded them close with humane love,
That united them with mutual admiration,
A common goal of universal peace,
Through 'Ahimsa' or Non- violence,
Through effort towards Pacifistic ideals.

Both of them had a definite purpose in life,
Pursuing lofty and challenging goals,
Gandhi for the freedom of his country,
Einstein for establishing 'Truth' through science.
Both worked relentlessly for their objective,
And won their battle as peaceful warriors!

In 1931. Dr. Einstein wrote to Gandhi.
Gandhi replied to Einstein inviting him,
To visit his Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad.
Einstein was very keen on meeting
This great apostle of peace from India,
As he was highly inspired by Gandhi's teachings.

The twin principles of ‘Ahimsa and Truth"
Like the sparkling purity of a blue lotus,
Had a tremendous impact on Dr. Einstein,
As he too, strongly believed in, non-violence and peace.
They expressed admiration for each other's actions,
Through letters, absolutely, in awe of each other's values.

When Dr. Einstein heard of Gandhi's
Assassination on 30thJanuary 1948,
He expressed deep shock and sadness.
Dr Einstein affirmed: "Generations to come
Will scarce believe that such a one as this,
Ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth."

A Biographical Poem

Albert Einstein 67 - 
dr. Einstein & Mahatma Gandhi
Friday, October 1, 2021
Science Fiction Poems: 343 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: life,true,story,personality,respect,peace
Praveen Menon 01 October 2021

So beautifully penned! I am reading it again. Loved it.

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Indulekha A menon 01 October 2021

. So well penned poem. Dr. Einstein and Mahatma Gsndhi. How they met at Sabarmati and had similar ideals. Mutual admiration and respect for each other

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Indulekha A menon 01 October 2021

Do beautifully penned. About hoevthey met st Sabarmati Dr. Einstein and Mahatma Gsndhi. Both had similar ideals.

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Indulekha A menon 01 October 2021

Dr. Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi. How they met st Sabsrmati. Both had similar ideals.Gandhiji worked for Ahimsa or nin violence. Einstein worked for truth through science. They mutually respected and admired each others principles.Too good poem.No words to describe.

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Unnikrishnan E S 01 October 2021

It is remarkable, the wat Geeta has retold the story of Einstein. Must read.

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Shruthi Menon 05 October 2021

Really great

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Ramesh T A 04 October 2021

Nice comparison between Einstein and Gandhi for Truth and Non-violence!

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Robert Murray Smith 03 October 2021

A remarkable story in poem form.

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Rajnish Manga 03 October 2021

Everything has gone topsy turvy. Just typed my comment and posted it. Right then there appeared a notice about 300 words. What I wrote is gone. Thanks, Geeta ji. It's indeed a wonderful poem which underlines the special relationship they both shared.

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Vrinda 02 October 2021

Beautiful poem of Dr.Einstein.

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