An Act Of Self-Defense Poem by Sameer Ahmed

An Act Of Self-Defense

Rating: 4.9

In the kitchen I stood
It was in the hood
With the burning hob, may be,
I interrupted it's sleep
It guided itself down
With two bodily segments
One big, one small
Quilted with layer of cuticle
It's digited eight legs
Took a full curl
And made it almost a roundel
It had a brown colour
Like that of a barley pearl
It was arachnid and beautiful
And hung itself with an invisible sling
I could see it's anger while dangling
With jaws pointing at me
Ready to sting
I became afraid of
It's awful frigate
I assembled my strength
And smashed it hard
It fell on the ground
With death all-around........
I thought myself guilty
With a sigh of sorrow
It would have been offensive
But soon found my answer
That nature allowed me
To be self-defensive!


White Rose 18 December 2008

Beautiful verses, usually we kill insects but dont think these are living creatures........You are too sensitive....amazingly have written your feelings of killing an insect...may be a spider. Am i right? You made a point anyway!

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Kassem Oude 19 December 2008

You describe beautifully with sharp observer's eye the small event as you do when sew a wound, it would be scarless later. Yes self-defense is legal in all laws, you're not sinful.

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Rafia Naseer 19 December 2008

My son, 'the act of self defence'is allowed in every religion. People are killing the HUMANITY in this century behaving like beasts.You are too sensitive, have a tender heart., I am sure you were making tea, this was a difficult moment for you to kill it, .I can only pray to GOD, 'May HE protect you from the brutelness of this world.' Nicely expressed the whole

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Tara Chettur 27 December 2008

simple linesbut with an meaningful objective, kudos sameer, thanks tara

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 30 December 2008

Awesome poem. It had me at the edge on my seat wondering what you were going to do in the end. :)

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looks like the fright of the mightier wins...lovely narrated...a subject everybody can relate to....10

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Great analogy of life!

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OMG, you killed the spider... poor thing! ...10 Best wishes, Sabrina.

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Marama Kelly 21 January 2009

Hmm interesting concept indeed. The imagery your words have painted shows one who has a fear of spiders and without warning encounters one. Of course, it is huge (to the eye of the beholder) , and with its fangs flashing, it sends out a message that you are next. Without any more thought, you take action, and put an end to the hairy eight legged beast. This is well expressive and has a reasonably good flow in it. The rhythmn and rhyme though do not continue through the whole poem, but with a bit of a tweak I am sure you will be able to enhance it to even higher heights. Thanks for sharing, and many blessings to you

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Luis Alvarado 18 January 2009

The itsy bitsy spider had a different outcome in this one. LOL! Poor thing should have never tried your patience!

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