First Beautiful Rain Poem by Sameer Ahmed

First Beautiful Rain

Rating: 4.9

I could see from the window
Light losing it's consciousness
With fading sunshine.
The green cheering rhythmically
Along the gentle breeze
And waiting eagerly
To enjoy freedom from the dirt.
Black and white fluffy giant-like clouds
Taking control over the sky
Murmuring and murmuring.....
My words invited them
For a chit-chat.
With a timely manner
By waving wind's banner
They showed their gesture
With a divinely vertical texture
And sprayed a colourless stain
Since I started writing
It was the first beautiful rain!


Rosalita Fernandez 15 March 2009

Well written, you can actually imagine it happening, i actually like the rain so i like this alot!

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Peya Jakob 19 March 2009

You are a great writer and this is evidence.the connection is strong throughout.thanks for sharing. Peya

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nomad omnia 20 March 2009

Excellent - I'm sitting here in 30+ celcius, and would really welcome that 'first rain'. N

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Yelena M. 27 April 2009

A beautiful poem, Sameer, combines so well with rain I am observing right now from the window.Very well crafted.Thank you.10+ Best wishes. A.

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Bob Blackwell 06 June 2009

Lovely poem, rain brings us water the very essence of life.

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Ms Presumptuous 22 December 2019

I Am happy for sulaiman, sameer and andalib, all 3 in 1.

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Matt Mooney 06 August 2009

What a complete and beautiful poem! Happy to read you. Keep in touch.

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Deepti Agarwal 10 July 2009

sweet write... refreshing just like rain.... :)

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 07 July 2009

Eloquent, soothing, and refreshing like the rain. Very nice Sameer.

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Cathryn Adeli 24 June 2009

i very much enjoyed this poem. thank you for inviting me to read it and comment. since you did and since there are so few that are as well written as this and that a few simple things i feel would make it even more lovely, i take the permission to say, eliminate 'like' in poetry use the words to say what it is or is not, try to use as few 'THE' 'a' 'and' as possible and still keep the meaning and rythm i would have written, eagerly awaiting freedom from dirt! ' i invite you to read and comment on my new powm i ran. thank you again. good luck,

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