An Angel With A Broken Wing Poem by David Harris

An Angel With A Broken Wing

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You flew too high for any mortal,
when love first struck you,
but then one-day love didn’t sing,
and you ended up, an angel with a broken wing.

Your tears flow with every hour;
your cries are filled with pain.
You played at the game of love and lost;
now you’re an angel with a broken wing.

Like almost everything in loves game,
you will find that with time,
life can be wonderful again,
and mend an angel with a broken wing.

JoAnn McGrath 20 May 2007

Speachless........................................................................: O)

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 21 May 2007

Better to fly to high and touch the moon, life is brief and over too soon..10

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Lisa Wilkinson 24 May 2007

Awwwwww, bless ya David. I love Angels. Butterflies and rainbows too. Real compassionate words for someone special?

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Melvina Germain 26 May 2007

Beautiful words, truthfully spoken, thankyou once again for sharing this message. --Melvina--

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Amazing title for an absolute amazing relateable piece of poetry! You write so well David! Much wisdom as always shared....and a nice flow that carries the reader along from word to word in anticipation of what your bottem line at the end will be...I loved and agree with you totally in this one and am so happy you shared and chose to pen this sad and wonderful piece........... Take care of U.Top of the line.10/10! ! ! =Shelley=

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This is deeply comforting, reassuring and wise. Quite apart from being so stylishly penned. I'll bet there are hundreds on here who can relate to this.... wonderful work D. t x

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Marci Made 28 May 2007

Thank you for this David, for many times I have been going through the motions with a broken wing or two, , , just won't say I'm an angel, for I am not..I will save this and have it for those often broken wing days.~~~~~~~~love, marci.xo

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I am greatly touched by your choice of words. For now, I am an angel with a broken wing I guess...waiting for the time or waiting for someone to mend my broken wing. Thanks for the last offers me hope: -)

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Duncan Wyllie 26 May 2007

Dear David, This is by far your greatest acheivement to date in my opinion What a stunning opening stanza, and then, how it pulled together so beautifully at the end LOADS TO BE PROAD OF HERE >>TOP MARKS WITHOUT FAIL Love duncan X

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David Harris

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