Ancestors Poem by subodh pandey


Rating: 4.5

Shivering too is lonely
quite possible let it be
the undulating light on water puddle
too does not have much.

along cane woven by threads of rain
something has reached my eyes
delving even deeper than the darkening leaves in rain
i should have asked them for a cup of tea at least
they might have drank a bit.

its about morning the trespassing sun is lost somewhere
my spine shuddered lest they may leave
like JARATKARU spine might have shuddered, ages back
on seeing his ancestors clinging to the roots of banyan tree.
his spine might not have shuddered may be quite possible
they ancestors were capable in their wait and he in pledge.

before even i can think of doing something
their cane of water threads disappeared
they might have been tired of wait or primal grief of centuries
i am still shivering caught in the threads of rain
am sorry sorry

jaratkaru was a saint son and had taken a pledge of not to marry. one day he saw his ancestors clinging to the roots of a banyan tree in a well. he was shocked to see his ancestors in that position.. they urged him to marry and only then they may find their salvation.
he married MANSA daughter of serpent dynasty and they had a son named
Kelly Kurt 17 September 2015

A very entertaining poem, Subodh. I enjoyed it and your notes

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Chinedu Dike 06 September 2014

My favourite line is They ancestors were capable in their wait and he in pledge. Thanks for sharing.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 28 December 2013

Woah an interesting ballad u crafted out of a mythical tale. Nice imaginative poem. I hope u read my latest too on warlords.

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Unwritten Soul 28 September 2013

I was imagining something different before read your note...It was a great imaginary you made in me..i love the picture you display in the poem! and whenever i read the note, was helping me to get understanding of the story..but really, both stories just beautiful in your writing! _SOul

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