Blindness Poem by subodh pandey


Rating: 5.0

Blinded by sight i look into things
being in it or rather too close to it
i obstruct the view.
I arrange it, it shatters
again i strive to put the fragments of
fallen flower togather,
so that somehow it may relate to me,
a prayer march on in the vast unknown.
All of it is not tiresome uptil you sing a fresh distraction
former is distant now
and in the later, you are out grown by a breath.

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 07 July 2011

Great poem written well with nice texture and imagery. I really liked and rated it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and rate my poem '*A busy street*' on page 1.

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Josephine Lauderrdale 13 June 2012

Hi subodh I enjoy reading your work this one reminds me somewhat or the way I write at times... Thanks for reaching out to me I look forward to reading and commenting more

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Kaila George 07 June 2012

Hmmmm first one Ive read, and it says how you feel, thats how I write, I love to read poets who write the same way I do. This one is excellent

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Nilufer Dursun 11 April 2012

Seeing with heart emotionally is more important than seeing with eyes.I believe you've got a sensitive heart so it reflects to your npoems my dear Nilufer Dursun

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Elena Sandu 27 January 2012

Powerful write, thank you for share,10.

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Sd Tiwari 11 August 2011

A nice poem. One may be blinded by sight but still see things by feelings.

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