And The Tears Fall Poem by Vikrant Jog

And The Tears Fall

Rating: 5.0

These days,
Have become,
The days,
Left in lament,
About the thoughts,
Dipping in her memories,
To hug her tight,
In my arms,
And kiss her,
With love,
Or am I using her,
To fill the vaccum,
Everything is just at mess,
Why don't you come,
And wipe of my tears,
But the question that always remains,
Am I back to solace...

Hazel Durham 28 December 2012

A sad tale of regrets over a lost love, you question your motives with a new lover there is no winners in this sad situation. Inspired write!

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Unwritten Soul 28 December 2012

Let the tear fall and the pain come as the wise rise you will learn some what we ask not always be ours but what we got what life offers and that the best if we can take and that will be resolve any mistake Soul

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Kishor Pathak 10 January 2013

Only a true dreamer can narrate such feelings. keep up the good work...

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Neela Nath Das 09 January 2013

Your feeling got mingled so nicely with the thought, that it makes us dive deep into your pain.The call is irresistible.Great work!

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Kishor Pathak 05 January 2013

Wow! that's all i can say. Such a beautiful write. The beauty of your composition is that the scenes flash in front of eyes, which is anyways the ultimate goal of the poetry...Kudos Bravo

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Shivani Misra 03 January 2013

It was Good and very well written.. :)

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Paul Brookes 30 December 2012

Beautifull poignant................................ Solace came.The night fell and she/he kissed away the tears.....................: O)

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