Innocent Blood... Poem by Vikrant Jog

Innocent Blood...

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Wishing everyone my happiness,
I embrace your sorrow,
The dead civilians from Baghdad,
Too are my brothers,
Every single bloodshed,
Has made me cry,
Do we really need,
This political trauma,
If this is to end,
I would kiss every bullet,
That leaves the barrel,
I pray the universal happiness,
We are at the wake of blue,
Why the eternal demands the fall...

Ellias Anderson Jr. 05 April 2013

I appreciate these kind of works. these lines are full of love to humanity. we are all members of a whole. well done, nice poem

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Hazel Durham 05 April 2013

So true, killing innocent people doesn't solve anything it is so evil and just creates more hate in the world! Love creates peace, respect and kindness!

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Yash Shinde 14 March 2014 expressed your true emotions and feelings for victims as a human being.....I feel proud to call u my friend...

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Great poem Vikrant, indeed the bloodshed has become too much in this world, hopefully there is something better on the horizon, keep writing and 10

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Antonio Liao 14 May 2013

oh! sprouted flower that fume the scented sky of Hope, settle down the clouds of hate and red sky of blossom wonder that makes our heart to fly into the sky.... your writes create triumph of wind of understanding, and I pray that this poem be part of the world library...God bless a 10/10

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Nader Baheri 06 April 2013

very altruistically written my dear friend. the war is the consequence of making wrong decision of misleaders and shows the highr hypocrisy of those who always advertise the humanity but they dont even believe in it.the ones who believe in Friedrich Ratzel theory. after all as long as gun makers exist the war exist too and the thing that really is being sacrificed is humanity and the lives of thousand innocent blood. thank you.i can not say the poem is enjoyable one but sad.and poem hunter needs more poem like this to shout STOP STUPID WAR PLEASE, YOU STUPID POLITICIANS ~nb

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Payal Parande 05 April 2013

very provoking piece indeed gives you a place to think.....good job

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