Angel At Heart Hundred Wise Sayings Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Angel At Heart Hundred Wise Sayings

The fact that people always want to get the last word in legit
does not mean that word is of any substantial merit.
The absolute truth may not necessarily be just that small.
Acessibility based on set criteria does not amount to accessibilty at all.
To go live elsewhere does not necessarily denote
a substantial change in circumstantial inferences of note.
Attributes of worth may on occasion be met with mirth.
Elements are as uncontrollable as man's temper from birth.
Action necessitates thoughts inasmuch as observing converse
interpretation is both credible and incredible verse.
Time span immeasurable can be oft irrepairable controversy.
Well meant content can be misconstrued as fallacy.
The height of one's career is not at the pinnacle of understanding,
but at the moment of realisation of other's predicaments on landing.
Interviewing oneself seeks honesty deployed desertation.
Equivalent of positioning is pausing in intrepid motion as motivational interpretation.
Media may or may not pose suitable medium that fails.
Submitting broad perspective is less preferable than omitting details.
Relations may prove to be less lasting than friendship occassions.
Methodology consists of methods, methodical considerations and hallucinations.
Target driven approaches are best geared at a specicfic audience.
Title entitles one to incredible credibility accordiance.
Width is inevitable as height is incredible.
What is in the background is equally important to what is ostensibly visible.
Machines can replace human function, but not thought process combined with emotion.
Technology is more reliable than man as a whole, but still lacks a soul devotion.
Blogs about frogs and dogs do not supersede those on gods and demagogs.
Borders are not there for division as much as setting boundaries blogs.
Model behaviour has resultant saviour objection.
Margins apart from being marginal has major function
of underlying without essentially trying at lying instances.
Padding is provided by insight into moral concequences.
Power can be obtained in various ways least not being prayer.
Exploring the depths of one's conscious and subconscious there
can prove more productive than exploring the world per se.
Width sets parameters though lacking in depth by dimension today.
An opera appreciated is a worthwhile memory creation.
To browse the physical body arouses fantasy and relation.
Points to consider whither when met with undue unjust opposition.
Caffein stimulates the body, prayer stimulates disposition
of the spirit and philosiphy simulates both these elemental concepts.
Cascading waterfalls do not fall to their demise decepts,
but continue to flow as does human demeanour despite setbacks.
And is just as important word as or designating chosen tracks
that is a necessity essential to culminative addition passed.
Style only lasts for a while, though duration of virtues are unsurpassed.
Brevity of life whether now or in longevity
becomes insiginificant measured comparable to the great scheme of eternity.
LIfe whether colourful or bleak, exciting or oblique nonetheless
may at times not seems worth living, yet continues regardless.
Perseverance is poignant proving determination eventually succeeds all odds at mayhem.
External flow symbolises emotions as we know them.
Property belongs to a person for a brief while
and is not proper in designating indefinite ownership style.
Various impersonations of concerns attract worms as compost do in conserved habitats.
Printed matter enhances understanding just as much as the spoken word habits.
Rules not adhered to relays principles whilst inducing fears of disruption.
Selected attributed and those met with random disruption
seldom distribution prevents random transformation.
Specific validation improved relation.
Compliance is embedded in reliance.
Conversation is expressive of elation; participation is impressive in recreation alliance.
Captivated captions expressed optionally can enhace and enchant significant iota.
Formations of a sound foundation is essential to establishing quota.
The input of friends does not compare to that of foes in credibility.
To label a person is akin to assiging a season regardless of credibility
of changeable weather condition.
Opposition loads delirious acquisition.
Passing is an achievent that in passing could be deceivement.
Comparison of people distinguishes traits as judgement day awaits achievement.
Creation was not just at the beginning and continues relentlessly even to today.
Dissection parts parts in part as partition in dismay.
Multiple interests are as good as commitment to one ability.
Fixed narratives contain elements of variability.
At the bottom is just what will return to the top in the turning wheel of fortune.
Images are recreational images of creation perfection opportune.
Saving for a rainy day means depriving on a sunny day alert.
Also sheets though not indispensable bring comfort not overt.
Faults are merely acknowledgements of possible improvement.
A hand intact is as good as giving a hand in movement.
Watching occurences without seeing in observation blinds insight.
Noteable differences are essential in differentiation sight.
Joining hands in togetherness is only momentarily trust.
All things are fleeting as all eventually return to dust.
There is not one person that can completely be trusted detect,
not even oneself, as nobody's perfect.
The very imperfections that are pondered on and deplored
are the very one that facilitates uniqueness explored.
Imperfections is essentially aspiriring originality to compete.
Learning process commences with realisation that knowledge is incomplete.
Meeting can temporarily enhance otherwise fleeting relations.
Auditioning for the stage of life is not a prerequisite for reservations.
To wait may imply implications of being too late fraction.
Procrastination detracts from immediate satisfation
though anticipation could justify such inactivity to conduct actual actions momentarily.
Minimised actions mimics summary greatness summarily.
The world could be a much better place,
but would it really still inhabited by mere mortals of the human race?
Dismal coverage of same material pervades originality.
True greatness comes from within withering. ability
Making a concept simple promotes understanding.
Simplifying actions alludes to something that demotes comprehension notwithstanding.
Your heart only belongs to you and no other
although you convince yourself differently to your brother.
Nobody holds the key to your heart,
but you and this should not arbitrarily be dispensed of in part.
Awesome and awful seems similar and indeed are discipline.
Substantinal doses of education can have the same effect as medicine on precription,
in moderation, when required as enscryption.
Traits that are admirable are humility, compassion and without saying consideration.
Why the act of belittling others is a seeming prerequisite for degradation
in enhancing self image defies comprehension and is reprehensible.
None is as great as he who stoops to assist a lowlier being despicable.
Ascending is just as easy as descending in general patronised pattern boulders.
Lifting the spirits will incite a feeling of having a weight lifted off shoulders.
Whether you laugh or cry, what is important is that you try.
Of siginificance is the right tone of voice not wry,
the right tone in melody amd being attoned with intonation askance.
Love literally has a myriad definitions of which most important is acceptance.
Reality is probably just a virtual fantasy compromised
by generally contributing to it's own demise.
You can make each day a happy one by the loving things you do,
sharing hopes and dreams and making wishes come true.
Love denotes acceptance of imperfections doubles.
Strength is cultivated in handling troubles,
carrying heavy burdens, holding and witholding opinions through trials
when appropriate and a simple smile.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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