Anger With A Friend Poem by sania harris

Anger With A Friend

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Today I was angry with my friend
And I decided everything came to an end
I was irate for no reason
I acted as if my choice was treason

He sat with me like everyday
But today we did not talk or play
I avoided him as much as I could
Because I was angry with him, my friend

He tried to solve things out
By having a little spout
I turned my face away
Because I was angry with him, my friend

All his tries were in vain
He was true but I took it feign
Whatever so, I shunned him
Because I was angry with him, my friend

A friend or foe, now I thought
It baffled my mind, a doubt
But I bored him, ignored him
Because I was angry with him, my friend

What if I heard him through out?
Wouldn’t our fury be hindered?
Then we would still be friends
I should listen to him, my friend

He said words of fret and regret
He said of defense and confusion
He was a sad, mad lad
I forgave him all at once
He was my friend after all!


OCTOBER 24,2008

Macy Anne 04 November 2008

Are you sure your not famous?

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Sathyanarayana M V S 24 October 2008

Whenever one has a row with his friend, he should send his friend this poem. This is so effective.....a good thought; useful to us alll.........10. Thank u very much for this piece. I am clicking this as my favourite.

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Kelvin Karani 06 May 2009

For a reason you keep to yourself? Life is so short to habour any such hard feelings within. Open up!

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Sebastine Humaemo 09 January 2009

nice write happens between friends...n yu pictured t n a fabulous way.....10+ sebastine....

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Fading Heart 26 November 2008

I understand a bite because my friend is well lets just say she has added to my feelings my i write poems but your poem is really good

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Viper Hyper 20 November 2008

nice poem nia riz its really nice

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Rajaram Ramachandran 04 November 2008

To forgive and forget is a noble quality of a person, which is well defined in this poem.

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