Another Day Poem by Ernestine Northover

Another Day

Rating: 5.0

Wake not the dawn too early,
Let night remain a while,
It's painful to face another day,
Without your loving smile.

Wake not the dawn too early,
Let night hide me away,
So I need not face another day,
Having had no communique.

Wake not the dawn too early,
Let night my sweet refuge be,
For having to face another day,
Would be sheer agony for me.

Wake not the dawn too early,
Let night my dreams suffuse,
How can I face another day,
When my heart cannot enthuse.

Wake not the dawn too early,
Let night be my stalwart shield,
Then maybe I can face another day,
When my sadness has been healed.

Dawn Michelle 06 October 2006

Oh wow that was beautiful. ~Dawn

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Alison Cassidy 06 October 2006

This has a fine flow to it Ernestine. I like the repetition of the first line and the 'classical' feel to the text. Maybe you could try 'tis instead of it's in line three. Just a thought? A wistful, touching poem. love Allie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Duncan Wyllie 06 October 2006

Oh this pulls at the heart Ernestine and is said with such feeling, Thankyou for this great piece A gem as usual Love duncan X

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How easy it is to stay 'in the land of nod', especially in this poem Ernestine when things are not as they should be in your day. Perfect rhythm, rhyme and flow. Beautiful.....10 Karin Anderson

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Andrew Blakemore 12 March 2008

This is such a beautiful poem, I share your hurt. Andrew x

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Patricia Gale 06 October 2006

A fantastic piece, the rhyme, the flow and the use of the first line all make this a readers delight. Outstanding!

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 06 October 2006

Redundant can be acrid to a poem...But not here, young, no, no! This work is smooth & flows like a dove feather in flight....The repitition of the one line to introduce each stanza....A W E S O M E...As is th' works craft, overall... Another fine Penning from our Poetess E.! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; fJr

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Joseph Daly 06 October 2006

This is a very tender piece Ernestine. The repeat of the first line on each stanza, works brilliantly and give the narrative an affirming andd reaffirming feel. As you know, I am a sucker for well presented rhyme and this is very much that. A very loving poem.

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