~ Aristotle ~ Niv ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Aristotle ~ Niv ~

Rating: 4.2

~ Aristotle ~ Niv ~
Ms. Nivedita
29 September 2010.

Aristotle siphoning ~
Only thing I know
I know nothing.

Niv quipping ~
Why I know everything
Of nothing?

Aristotle viewing ~
It’s we see
By means of eyes.

Niv previewing ~
Eyes can’t see if what
Of we is absentee?

Aristotle employing ~
All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind
Niv unemploying ~
How paid jobs bunk and degrade mind?

Aristotle saccharining ~
Change in all things is sweet
Niv bittering ~
For sweetening why change things?

Aristotle teaching ~
Education is the best provision for old age
Niv rejoindering ~
Does education proviso promoter of old age?

Aristotle positing ~
Happiness depends upon ourselves
Niv dis-positing ~
What of ourselves not owning happiness?

Aristotle mystifying ~
In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
Niv questing ~
Why not marvelousness in every thing in nature?

To Aristotle ~ We owe why?
For Niv ~ We low blow all awe why?
Readers ~ You?

Copyright reserved by author.

Shihabudheen K J 09 December 2010

You said it'why cant we see marvellous in all things'.this line is a recognition to you.read my poems and comment.

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Vinod Kumar 29 November 2010

Nice Quiries with the philosopher, actually it is quite a recycling process,

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Subbaraman N V 28 November 2010

Very interesting and inspiring dialogue with the great philosopher!

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Ivor Hogg 19 October 2010

Aritotle was a product of his time and culture as we are of ours.I am sure he woiuld be totally non plussed in todays modern world. His teachings in the main are no longer relevant.

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Marcus Mckinley 15 October 2010

the more you learn the less you know. the more you know yourself, the more you become self opinionated. and to recognize our true iinsignificance in this world is genius!

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John Raubenheimer 01 May 2013

It's good to find humour and potent wordplay and a feeling of fun in your entertaining poem.

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Bachha Chakravorty 31 May 2012

Its a Poetry like dialogue with Ancient Mine Of Wisdom Aristotle Canvas is very apt and poet with modern thoughts analyzed Ancient thought E.g '...In all things of nature there is 'something' of the marvelous....' niv sliced, '...Why not marvelousness in 'every thing' in nature? ...here is the poetic mind looks for 'every thing' not 'something'...I don't know if Aristotle was a poet or not This line is very important, '...Education is the best provision for old age...' here poet very strongly contradicted, '...Does education proviso promoter of old age...' ~ why old age will be age for learning? '...All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind...' its a question of sincerity if sincerity is there why paid job will degrade mind? ? All old is gold may be not true in present day context and socio-economical-ethnic' &c concept Some I've highlighted...very well crafted cerebral poem...thanks for sharing 10++

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Simply fun dished out in covering of Wisdom... Aristotle was great in this time...Poet made a cross section to discover relevance in today's time and she has wonderfully done it...more such work from poet I'll request in future 10++

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Mark Williams 08 February 2012

Dear Nivedita, Thanks for the invite to read your work; sadly, it seems to be too deep for me to understand properly - fortunately, to judge from your ratings, there are many far-better educated readers than myself on this site :) My compliments, Mark (London)

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Besma Jemaa 21 January 2011

Lovely, I liked the idea. You inspired me.

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