As Clouds Now Weep Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

As Clouds Now Weep

Rating: 5.0

As through the winter's rain I go
And facing chilly winds that blow,
As I do wander here alone
Along the paths of cobbled stone,
The walls are steep on either side
No home in which I can abide,
For hopes of love have passed me by
As clouds now weep and gently cry.

Within the alley that I walk
The feral cats begin to stalk,
From bins upturned they follow me
As if it is their territory,
They see me off into the road
They hiss and scratch and then they goad,
For hopes of love have passed me by
As clouds now weep and gently cry.

Along the faceless streets of hate
I walk along and cannot wait,
Or stop to talk to those who dwell
The people I once knew so well,
Who now don't give me time of day
But simply look the other way,
For hopes of love have passed me by
As clouds now weep and gently cry.

As darkness falls I carry on
My spirit's weak my will has gone,
Yet in my dreams I think of you
The only love I ever knew,
Against the arch I rest my head
And slowly make my sodden bed,
For hopes of love have passed me by
As clouds now weep and gently cry.

Sameer Ahmed 06 June 2009

The act of missing the adored one is nicely elaborated in this poem The state of mind that overwhelms you when love is lost though but not forgotten has been interplayed very creatively with the imagery of clouds. For a person who personifies true love, the Nature always remain intact and never let him down even after all that loneliness that prevails. The melancholy is beautified nicely in the essence of the poem........10/10

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Sandra Martyres 14 June 2009

An amazing piece bring out the sense of loss with so much feeling - your reader experience the pathos...10/10 Regards Sandra

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Ann Beard 02 June 2009

You are the master of pathos Andrew an impecable write. Regards Ann

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Tsira Goge 02 June 2009

What beautiful grief you offered, Andrew, this is a line that gives to nobleness to a verse...10... / Thank you./ Best wishes, Tsira

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Thad Wilk 02 June 2009

Hi Andrew! ! A masterfully written poem, poignant & captivating start to finish! ! Your penning, is golden! My best regards, *10*! ! Friend Thad

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Ndrr A 27 August 2021


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Andrei 11 October 2020

Can someone give me the summary

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Athena Reanna C. Aspiras 11 September 2020

Aww thats sad my sister realize that and shes answering a sa and thats just really really sad and i like your sad bio that you made: D

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Sandra Fowler 02 November 2009

Your beautiful refrain carries the elegiac mood of this poem. Even the clouds weep for the plight of this unfortunate human being.10/10. Warm regards, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 10 July 2009

This one is easy on the ear, Andrew, replete with melancholy chorus - wonderful lyrics for a song, methinks. And the subject of the poem is tragic, too and shows how depression can so easily become a self-fulfilling prophesy and a barrier to human interaction. Again, there is a Dickensian feel to this beautifully crafted poem. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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