As Strangers Pass By Poem by Hazel Durham

As Strangers Pass By

Rating: 4.9

He wanders around passing by strangers
On streets, buses and trains,
As the cold December rain
Pours without mercy for his constant pain.

The passing away of his wife
His one and only life,
She made the day shine with splendour
And without strife,

Of everyday rituals, everyday of loving her much more,
"Is it possible, " he thought,
She had saved him from his rotten self,
As she fought

Against his destruction from alcohol
His family were appalled
At his lifestyle of pubs, drink and women,
Then she appeared before him like an angel from sympathetic skies above,

He knew it was unknown this love
That struck him to stand still and thank God above,
To send her kindness and caring nature,
That made a broken man a whole man,

Not waiting anymore to just endure,
But to be happy and to rejoice of finding her with her look so pure,
Truth blew across his world with a refreshing cure,
She made his eyes dance with sweet emotions to lure

Her into his messed up excuse for a life
She became his loving, beautiful wife.
Then day turned to night
The light faded, the sky darkened and it rained with all it's might,

Drowning his heart and soul in this dark night,
She passed away to her home above,
As he struggled to remain sober and sane,
His emotions tangled, confused and tortured with love,

He waits for her return,
Waiting for her laughter and her smile,
All that is left is passing by strangers along the lonely miles,
Waiting for her glorious return to his life,

To hold his hand like the most loving caress,
His loving and beautiful wife
She will bring him back to this life.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Seamus O Brian 20 December 2017

A poignant narrative of the transformative power of love. I enjoyed reading this and playing the visuals in my mind as the story unfolds. Nicely done, good poet. Bravo. :) S

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 December 2017

The cold December rain pours without mercy for his constant pain. He wanders around passing by strangers in streets, bushes and trains. But she has made the day shine with splendour. Loving and beautiful wife has understood life with love. A deeply emotional and perceptional poem is brilliantly penned...10

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Houda Boukassoula 29 December 2017

I really enjoyed reading this story in verse about the power of love.A wonderful poem, thanks for sharing

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Muzahidul Reza 28 December 2017

The passing away of his wife His one and only life, She made the day shine with splendour And without strife, ................... Wow11111 Great WRite from great poetess, you have really shared a great poem here in poemhunter, thanks for sharing, ++++++++++++++++ 10

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Susan Williams 28 December 2017

A captivating story in verse, Hazel. I believe in the redeeming power of love now we pray that his heart is still full of love for her and her love for him... it would be easy to try to ease his pain in the bottle but he is trying to be good for his love.... very haunting story and full of compassion

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Feipeng Shang 21 December 2017

He seems to be in a trap Of his own doing And he himself can be with the angel Again in this rest life ......Feel your sadness and sorrow

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Valsa George 21 December 2017

For him getting her as a partner in life was a kind of rebirth! Before he could feed and bloat on the love she lavished on him, she was gone! This is too much for him to bear! No wonder he is broken and is not able to accept the fact of her untimely demise! He lives in the vain hope that one day she would return! A touching write!

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