! ! Life Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! Life

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This life,
this energy,
this consciousness,
we sense in
we touch,
we feel, we smell,
we hear, we see,
we even taste?

This life energy,
flows through every
creature, plant, tree,
mountain, river, sea;
it flows through us all
and everything we see.
Everything on earth
has conscious movement
nothing’s really dead.

Everything that has
the mask of death,
is recycled, to grow
to renew, to change,
to be unique; an ever
changing pattern that
multiplies, alters to
create new life from
what was discarded, or
now thought deceased.

If we look with seeing eyes,
we will see how trees, plants,
and pretty flowers, appear to
radiate, to emit the glow of life.
We will become aware of how
life’s energy has so many faces,
everything’s unique, each
flake of snow, a different pattern,
each flower face is not the same.
All creatures great and small
distinctive, each a one alone.

When we really notice things, we
become more alive, we are excited
by the love for life itself; we also
understand, the join of things,
the bond, the link, the stream of life
which flows, to make all we see a
whole, a spiritual union of it all. We
see the Oneness of life’s energy is
materialized, that everything is One.


C. P. Sharma 10 July 2009

A great poem indeed. True, the whole universe alive, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans and the sky and the dance goes on with new bubbles. CP

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Anjali Sinha 10 July 2009

yeh all this is fine about Life here on earth what about the next Life what answers do we have? Finally we realise that 'thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return' your poem made me introspect -10 anjali

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Sandra Fowler 11 July 2009

To life, Bob! Your poem makes me want to celebrate everything that is good, true and beautiful. You have seen wisdom through the windows of your soul. Always your friend, Sandra

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Meggie Gultiano 11 July 2009

I was carried away by the beauty of your words, Bob.It is full of wisdom and the message this piece conveyed.For me, everything must be in proper perspective and must be good, for God makes all things beautiful and wonderful. I love this.This makes me feel good inside. Thanks for this great sharing. Love and hugs, Meggie

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 12 July 2009

My Dear Bob, Life is a unit of oneness ingrained with joys, melancholies, struggles and experiences and all of them make a quadrangular shaping a humanbeing into an insignia of maturity that is achieved after bearing all the ripples that life creates in our journey through the stormy seas. It has to be dealth with great care and wisdom and it is so that the excellence has always been achieved by those who dare to believe that something in them is far more superior than the circumstances. The facet of self-discovery you mentioned must always be kept in mind while we are treating life for that will enable us to maintain our dignity. The element of recycling of things is indeed a measurement of how our mind shapes according to the Nature and originates thoughts of how we conceive things. Regards Naseer

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Ben Gieske 04 September 2009

I support your sentiments and views. There are so many things that we can know and appreciate and so many ways in which to accomplish that. It would be most helpful if we could always be aware of how everything is interrelated and, hopefully, know how it contributes or doesn't contribute to a better life for someone and everyone. This should be the subject of our daily meditation. At the same time we must regretably realize that some things can be annihilated - never to exist again.

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Siddharth Singh 28 August 2009

extremely rivetting, indicative of the poets unique style.

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I feel things intuitively and your insightful poem is what I have sensed since retirement. This is spellbinding writing Bob, and I know I feel like shouting from the roof tops about the interconnection between all living things. You have an amazing knowledge and vocabulary and I think your words will be a great comfort to so many people. 10 Karin Anderson

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Shashendra Amalshan 22 July 2009

yes sir... i d say you are great Psychologist! ! ! ! ! your poems are medication to many people... sir i v visited many pages in this site.. and i v seen lots of young people like me in great pain... fed up with things.. i think person like you can do lots of good here... nice indeed..10++ with love shan

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Ritty Patnaik 21 July 2009

dear bob.....i am left spellbound with this lovely poem.conciousness makes us last from moment to moment.the concious will of god, has blessed nature, animates and inanimates, otherwise not a leaf moves without his will.very well written bob.

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