Away From Home Poem by Ashish Ram

Away From Home

A flood of memories rise in my head
As i sit back
Pulling myself away from the computer chair
Glancing out from my cubicle thru the window
I see a man with his son
They are together and having so much fun
Memories of my dad come rushing in
As he chased me thru the gardens
And bribed me on my way to school
Thru chocolates, icecreams and an evening in the club pool
Everything seems so fresh.......every part
As if they were all archived in my heart
I can feel my body burning in this heat
Wish i could end it all
The same way when i press CTRL+ALT+DELETE
Suddenly! the office clock strikes 'six'
'Time to leave' says a friend....'Got my dad's car to fix'
I am so tired of this loneliness
Just for the sake of earning my daily bread
My feet take me some place
Cut n pasted from the office to the holy space
Sitting on the steps
I stare at the temple dome
Its been a year DAD....i hvnt been home.

Rajaram Ramachandran 29 May 2007

What a home sick son this poem projects before us-a computer based poem well written.

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 17 April 2007

Gee, well, here I was thinking ok he says he cant write great poems? ! Not true at all! Really you have much talent and much to say...You held my interest from start to finish! I am so thankful someone introduced you to this site as I think you are probably a much better writer then you think... Keep writing from the heart.Look forward to reading more of your work very soon. =Shelley=

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Alfredo Jacques 22 December 2006

I really enjoyed this poem. great write.

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Preeti - is here! 14 August 2006

Ashish this is so sad, yet very well written, the comparision b/w cmputer and memories is very good. Preets

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