The Human Heart Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

The Human Heart

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O' heart, I wonder how you can store
so many different emotions of ours
in just thy four puny chambers
while pumping away the liquid of life

O' heart in you we discover love
but side by side you harbour hate
In you we find the emotion of happiness
but side by side you harbour rage!

When you cease to beat many plans you thwart
May God protect the young human heart

And while some O' heart you hold dear
some make you skip a beat in fear!

O' heart but we find in you as well
the bad bad emotion of jealousy
Such a potpourri of emotions in you dwell
Help filter out any wrong ones for me!

A mere four chambers indeed but spacious are they
invite therein whomsoever in the world you may

But in the end forget not to reserve
atleast a single chamber for its Creator, to preserve

John Shea 08 November 2012

I really know this poem touched my heart.

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Daniel Brick 02 January 2015

I clicked on this poem beause of the title THE HUMAN HEART. Our abilities to love and have friends - that defines our human nature. It's a personal declaration you make in this poem, revealing so much about your heart as you talk about many different ways the heart manifests itself in society. Scientists call human beings HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS -. They had to broaden the category by doubling the sapiens because animals are observed using tools and being clever. But we humans still have wisdom and our felings to make us unique

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Ken E Hall 23 December 2014

heartfelt poem indeed wrote from the soul with its many emotions it has to carry in life's travels...thankyou for this regards

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Indranil Bhaduri 07 November 2012

Fantastic... Loved this and touched my heart too..

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John Shea 06 November 2012

Keep up the good work

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Michael Hopkins 21 January 2023

A heart felt poem indeed

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The Original Tom Maxwell 25 October 2022

very good words thanks for sharing

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Dr. Antony Theodore 21 August 2022

O' heart but we find in you as well the bad bad emotion of jealousy Such a potpourri of emotions in you dwell Help filter out any wrong ones for me! Reality of lifem emotiuons, evil and good in us. a very fine poem dear poet. tony

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AFFAQ NABI 21 January 2021

Beautiful poem, i felt a a sweet joy while reading it, Blessings, for painting this lovely rhyme.....

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Adilson Pinto 27 September 2020

This is really a beautiful poetical and philosophical consideration about our heart! Yes dear poet: we live many and many emotions daily, and our heart must keep itself strong! Yes, yes: a place to our God must be reserved, when surely we feel the best emotion of all! Feeling this emotion surely only it makes well, very well to our heart which thanks us! Please accept a fraternal hug from Brazil!

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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