Beauty All Around Poem by Aqua Flower

Beauty All Around

Beauty All Around

I walked along the deserted path
Silence surrounded me
the autumn leaves that had fallen were now beneath my feet
There was a slight coolness in the air
which warned that winter was approaching
the leaves crunched and crackled under each step I took
the wind whistled through the trees
and the sun warmed my face
I sat down to watch this beautiful sight
It gave me a feeling of being free
I never noticed this before
I traveled this path many times and will many more
If only people would stop and see
all the beauty which surrounds them
The world would acknowledge with content
The beauty all around and the truth to happiness

Copyright © Aqua Flower

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,life,nature
Carl Roussell 02 June 2018

At times it does take effort to see the beauty of the world around you when day to day life builds up too much.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 01 June 2018

Such a heartwarming poem??????

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Aqua Flower 01 June 2018

So glad you liked it Bernard! Nature is facinating!

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Gajanan Mishra 31 May 2018

beauty surrounds all, here in life

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Aqua Flower 01 June 2018

Yes, I'm glad you agree! If only people would slow down and realize that it is right in front of them, everywhere! Thank you for your comment!

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Sandra Feldman 31 May 2018

Beautiful thoughts and beautifully written But unfortunately, Not All, have poets' souls To be, by the world's beauty, Smitten Excellent, flowing work. A pleasure to read.

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Aqua Flower 01 June 2018

Thank you! Such a nice comment, Sandra! I am happy to share my thoughts with others that appreciate them as you do!

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Robert Murray Smith 31 May 2018

Rainbow Flower, when the veil is lifted we see. A well crafted poem with great imagery. Balanced on its own beauty.+++10

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Aqua Flower 01 June 2018

I like the visual you wrote of the veil lifting. Some people go through life with the veil and don't truly see the beauty around them They are so busy they forget to even breathe. We now practice breathing here in my country......callled meditating. We take time outs to do it but it should be something that we naturally do all the time! I'm sure I was meditating at the moment when I actually was walking down that path!

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