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Before The Storm

Rating: 5.0

Before the storm the sky was blue,
As blue as blue can be -
The air was sweet, so sweet to breathe,
And you were next to me.

We saw the flowers bloom in Spring
And watched the songbirds nest -
The world was full of wonderment
As fondly we caressed.

And all around the sun shone bright,
The trees did softly sway
Touched by a gentle summer breeze
That chased our cares away.

But then the sky grew overcast
And rain-clouds gathered high -
A darkness fell upon the land
To shadow you and I.

The rain fell down upon our joy
To drown the life we knew -
It drenched our hearts, subdued our souls,
Destroying me and you.

For now you’re gone, and I am here
Beneath a shadowed sky -
The storm has passed, but I am left
Forever here to cry.

Oladehinde J Ibikunle 26 January 2014

So dark and emotional poem. Before the storm, it was nice, good, beautiful. But storm came and left behind but a broken heart. Nice work, sir. Each stanza conveys a particular thought yet it does defile perfection of the rhymes. . Joseph Oladehinde Ibikunle (Nigeria)

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Om Chawla 01 February 2014

Agony so touchingly expressed, what can we say.........? Beautifully written, Val.

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Anthony Burkett 31 January 2014

Could it be that the full measure of Forever is filled with memories... and a promise

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 29 January 2014

Nature's fury is unpredictable. Things are nice one moment and turn unbearable the next. We need to linger on.

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Dave Walker 28 January 2014

A beautiful poem about wanting the one you love.

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Joe Hughes 27 November 2015

I was waiting for the lift but it never came. Like John I am grateful for my wife and even those quietly passing silences together. Life has to be accepted as providing sadness on occasions which we all know. May you be sustained by your memories. Wonderful words. Thank you.

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John Brown 09 February 2014

I just cannot imagine life without my lovely wife. This poem makes me appreciate just how lucky I am to have her. Your poem is beautiful Val - as always.

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Hans Vr 04 February 2014

Missing the times of sweet togetherness tastes bitter but after some time we cherish the memories of these sweet times with a heart that still sheds some tears but leaves behind the bitterness. I wish you so much strength, Val. Another wonderful poem, in which manage to really move the reader. You are a great poet

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Diane Hine 03 February 2014

the only thing which clouded the blue sky of the past was the knowledge that it couldn't last.

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Dinesan Madathil 01 February 2014

Mind is fleeting across the planes of a reminder of pain and the perpetual predicament of yours will one day be overcome by you alone Val.

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