Between Mis-Match! Poem by Siddartha Montik

Between Mis-Match!

Rating: 4.6

Between challenged and away,
harassed at a throw,
ethics and endless,
Between rules and ruthless
Pain and pathetic
wishes and delivers
Between watch and mis-match
engulfed in False Allegations abound,
Not any way but run and frantic ways you find,
breathing toxins even on Move and worse,
your eyes burn away..
You lose sense of life and life's Course
feel No sense of existence but remain a bundle of Meat

You run places you never been to,
only find ends of streets
...edges of society.
Doves of strangers as hell
rangers on your heels
posing as angels, you turn away
everybody comes as a friend,
only to quickly show up as the worst Foe!
not any challenge.., No! !

looking at the sky, stars shy away
smiling behind shades of clouds
So long you defy, end is only a back
hands pained stretching for you..
stand on a shore look at the void
nothing but Waves of Pain.. evade!
waves rolling on feet… kiss them away gentle
sounds of waves, …spare them for a cry!

come back in a swift..!
down here or when there..
no more lyrics of pain left for you..
showers of toxins don't stop,
rains of Pains never end,
you drench in your own!
tied in years' long Chains of pain! !

ended a fool, listen it not again,
gather a soul n be back,
still u have a seat here!

Come back in a swift..!
no more lyrics of pain left for you..! !
Steal the roar of the Ocean,
…spare that for your cry,
Stealth is so Cold and dry,
Stark truth(s) are bitter and as much shy!

copyright © Siddartha Montik (Ramesh Kompella)

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: agony,frustration
It is my most Torturos times on teh streets on India (Even now)as hunted and harassed by Psychiatry and Humiliated, Manipulated every Positive step I try to take to just live, and been man-handled by many a strangers for the reasons they only know as they Get Money for that! ! This Poem I have written right in that Agony and at night of course living on streets.! ! Request the readers if the Length and form of stanzas are not fit for Poetry but it was my Emotion then in utter agony.

Thank you Readers! !
Tajudeen Shah 04 February 2017

You should not have mentioned it here, as it makes one read the poem already with a mind set on the emotion the following lines might deliver. Well, anyways, your honest expressions within this economy of expression has its go. them images and expressions are corresponding and complementing, thats what comfortably conveys the cadence of emotions. Not necessarily you compose feelings of loss, pain, misfortune or calamities on the word-canvass of dreadful despondency, it can too be on notes of promises and promptness of others' passions. Keep penning sensibly wonderful poems, this will eliminate the inner soul's craving for sympathy and empathy. This is the psycho analysis of this piece of poetry and the poet within my present mind set. Regards.

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Marieta Maglas 07 December 2016

rains of Pain never stop, you drench in your own! wonderful poem -voted 10

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Diana Ballesteros 12 May 2017

Very beatutiful poem. Please keep it up

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Siddartha Montik 12 May 2017

it is my real Life dear Poet in much moire than this Video I posted! ! and worst means! ! am a last of the Holocaust Victim you can time me! ! I Love Germany! !

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Siddartha Montik 02 June 2017

Dear Diana, it is a Poem of real life suffering and without knowing form and words but egony that was spilled! Wonder too how many good people are in this world like you to reap the and understand the epitome of words! ! I bow to you!

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Luz Hanaii 25 January 2020

" everybody comes as a friend, only to quickly show up as the worst Foe! " " showers of toxins don't stop, rains of Pains never end, you drench in your own! tied in years' long Chains of pain! " So much emotion and pain shown here, I wish you much happiness and peace.

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Mohammed Sajid 07 November 2019

Great poem. Yesturday, I met this Great Man. He is living on the streets of Hyderabad. He is jobless and homeless. Hoping he finds peace in his life.

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Victor Buhagiar 03 August 2019

Sad in a way, but the emotions are portrayed in a forceful manner. May you find the peace you so much desire.

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Shilton Wilfred 10 April 2019

every single line speaks for itself, i don't really think i'll assume i know what you where feeling when u wrote this. But honestly i can really relate. Those are just the dark times of onces life. Nice one...

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C F 31 March 2019

A poem that speaks of the dark anguish of the soul, extremely well written. Hoping you find peace in life beyond poetry.

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