Siddartha Montik Poems

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Wandering Breaths

I seem to have lost my lamp
during the night of wandering breaths.

I didn't know where I was when I woke-up,

Of Barren Lands And Deserts! !

seems like I am getting drawn to
the beauty of barren lands and the deserts,

as fiercely as I go in my best efforts

Still A Beauty!

Twist your lips.. twitch your eye-brows,
still you are a beauty!

change your mind.. and be as adamant, .

Your Attention God! ! !

Hope you, You God, that you remember you made us Humans,
like all creatures and mammals!

We Humans so, yet, left the Path of Nature Some where,


..the big WOMB!

Yes Women here in life have those Sacred wombs to give the Birth,

Between Mis-Match!

Between challenged and away,
harassed at a throw,
ethics and endless,
Between rules and ruthless

Life's Rhythm!

Seems like I am in a brisk pace of risk!

not sure anytime I liked challenges,
for all my honest longings!

Trace Of Peace!

We don't have to make a request for our peace,
and don't have to escape from the life's pace!

Peace may not have place to define in what we see..,

Golden Kisses!

Golden Kisses!

Not so rich a family.., but with a cute little girl all so lovely.

Wake Up Honey!

Couple's normal arguments stepped to a skirmish,
no one wanted to retreat for an ego clash.

end came as a silent agreement, no talk no more,

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