Golden Kisses! Poem by Siddartha Montik

Golden Kisses!

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Golden Kisses!

Not so rich a family.., but with a cute little girl all so lovely.

one time mother goes sick, not many to come and help,
sweet little girl does all her prayers with so much hope!

wishing her mother would recover by Christmas day,
thought of a present, to see her Mom happy and gay!

prepares the gift and wraps-up in a wonderful cover,
hoping for the X-mas day to arrive sooner!

watching her daughter wasting expensive paper,
Mom did not think twice to scold her!

there comes the day, little girl offers Mom her gift,
opening the pack, Lady goes harsh again, in a swift!

young one used all the Golden paper for an empty box? ,
Mom couldn't think of any, in all this fix!

asks the girl 'What for an empty as a present? ',
shouting at the tiny, who is crying almost!

'Its not empty Mama, I blew a whole lot of kisses in it,
until it went full, with all my good wishes for you too in it! ! '

In utter shame Mother hugged her little Angel all at once,
also with a joy went on crying, drenching her Damsel in kisses immense!

copyright © Siddartha Montik (Ramesh Kompella)

Golden Kisses!
Lalatendu Kabi 02 June 2017

Aha, what a sweet child! ! How much love for her mom indeed. really.. these little angels; god bless them.

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Akhtar Jawad 02 June 2017

I am sharing this great poem on Facebook without your permission and I hope you'll not mind it.

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Siddartha Montik 03 June 2017

Rather I feel honored Sir if you Post it on Facebook. I sincerely have no Qualms about you thought! !

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Akhtar Jawad 02 June 2017

'Its not empty Mama, I blew a whole lot of kisses in it, until it went full, with all my good wishes for you too in it! ! ' Like grown up men and women children also want to express their love but they have their own ways and style. I experience many such things from my grandchildren. We should not take it as a foolish act, they want our attention and appreciation. They love and in return they don't need any else just a few sweet words from us. These sweet words from us play a very important role in their socialization as a normal man or woman. If we censure them for their childish ways of expressing love, they sometimes become abnormal. The parents and grandparents should appreciate their children and grandchildren as if they have done a great job.

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Siddartha Montik 04 June 2017

Ten Million Thanks and and more SIR Aktar Jawad!

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Sarah Shahzad 25 January 2020

This poetry is magnificent... glory be..peace :) keep it up.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 04 August 2019

I am touched by your lovely poem, sir Siddartha...10+++

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Misnia Bahri Awaludin 23 June 2019

Lovely poem do admire the meaning full of word give 10

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Bharati Nayak 14 February 2019

The poem is exquisitely beautiful ......A little girl's love for her mother has been expressed in this amazing poem.What better gift can a mother expect than these golden kisses!

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Brian Taylor 12 February 2019

Good poem.The poem is very artistic and well written.

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