Between The Blinds Poem by Kelly Vinal

Between The Blinds

Rating: 4.4

Our world is rife, rife
With plague, deceit
And defeat

And dreams,
Smashing like atoms
At Los Alamos

If only we can combust
With suddenness and
Spectacular abandon!

We only slowly meander
Amongst the rusted hulks
Of conflicts unfathomed

Somewhat inside, we
Look between the blinds
We’ve drawn before our eyes

Desperate to believe

Our world is life, alive
With warmth, replete
With love

And dreams,
Materializing like goodness
That they can be realized

And we joyously combust
With suddenness and
Spectacular abandon!

We run, and we meander
Amongst the trusted paths
Of dreams unfathomed

Stepping outside, we
Leave behind the blinds
To see with our own eyes

To see and love and believe

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 06 September 2005

I loved this poem. It is so true that we hide but we try to see never quite seeing everything.

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Cyclopseven R 27 January 2007

Kelly..this is wonderful. You're are a 'philosophy'.

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Michael Gale 07 September 2006

Autumn leaves spread their warmth of color to eyes left lonely and cold to this cold cold world of ours... Worldly greed and jealous envious hate leaves our hearts cold to world death fro' drugs like crack or Meth. Child abuse and child molestation... Is our hatred's heart instilled new war's base station. That base station of the heated hated heart tells ourselves to form new aliances of the humane patrol that must march ever on in it's mission to bring won justice to our court's laws and punishable attainment... Legalities are either undelivered or misdirected by lazy judges who are just merely lawyers retired to a useless job of bench warming in the clenches of life and it's Lady Liberty that remains still blindfolded with hands tied next to crooked or lazy judge's retirement pockets of thoughtless emptiness. Leniency of the law mette out carelessly is just unfit for humane man's victims who remain unprotected by a crooked over protectector by lawyers for judges in this society of justice that should be legally and publicly held in contemp of the law and our whole legal system that has long been plagued with incompetence and many inefficencies... Corruption like a poisoness snake about to strike in the helpless baby's crib... Needs it's head cut off so that it may not ever again misdeliver justice and humane and human compassion to the very large concrete jungle of life. Your poem was an easily deserved ten that i gave to thee kind sir. God bless all poets-MJG.

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Rufina Moor 18 March 2006

I admire your ability to chose the right word to express an image, a feeling. I've read this poem aloud and I can still feel those words on my tongue. They create a deep impression on mind and soul.

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Simon Whild 22 October 2005

A call to 'open your eyes! ' Wonderful use of language that flows like quicksilver down the page and leaves you feeling like you've experienced some sort of epiphany in the few seconds it took to read it.

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Don Stratford 17 September 2005

'We run and we meander among the trusted paths of dreams unfathomed' I love these words and the way they string together - I think this is a delightful verse Congratulations Don S

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