Best Not Spoken Poem by Kelly Vinal

Best Not Spoken

Rating: 4.8

Onward to the best not spoken,
When every vestige of pride becomes a prayer –
And the sadness of God is manifested
In the emancipation of collective doubt.
For this is destiny, prescribed and guided
Along the silken roads to glory –
Such is talk, as whispered in the shadows
O’er these lush and never-ending meadows,
Rolling long between the valley and the sea –
Where great machines adjoined in harvest
And the conflagrated ancient forests
Are rarely seen.

What is this man who’s looking back
From a rainbow-slickened oil reflection
As we walk along a wounded shore?

Go ye to the best not spoken,
In that place of texture, love, and compassion –
To His open arms that wait eternally.
In the liberation of dreams once repressed,
In an overdue confession –
Onward to the silver roads of glory.
Such is love, this field of thorny roses,
By the great river - onward, onward she courses;
When every soul becomes a crimson petal
Released to the mercy of the blowing breeze –
To drift along the winding valley
Across a mystery.

John Tiong Chunghoo 11 November 2005

very intellectual poem. love this kelly.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 11 November 2005

I am not a religious person but this was so beautiful and made me feel as if I was sitting listening to an old-time gospel preacher....It was very touching.

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Uriah Hamilton 11 November 2005

You have an incredible poem here, good work!

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Max Reif 11 November 2005

I find some really inspired language, especially in the last stanza. For some reason, I don't yet get a clear picture from the first lines. If you have time, I'd love a note explaining your title to (possibly, very dense) me. I can understand if you don't have time. God be with you over there on this Veterans Day and all days!

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Kelly Allen Vinal 11 November 2005

Max Reif, thank you for your kind words. 'Best Not Taken' is a poem that you must intellectually power yourself through. It will mean something different to each reader, which is the style and context in which it was written. Regards, KAV

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Jurietta Duraan 12 March 2008

I especially love the last four lines.... beautiful imagery and prose. Thanks

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Jurietta Duraan 12 March 2008

I especially love the last four lines.... beautiful imagery and prose. Thanks

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Sharadha Dn 03 November 2006

Wow! Nice one there!

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Prasanna Kumari 18 September 2006

walk along the wounded shore leading to silken roads and silver roads of glory touched my heart with an elevated feeling

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Joseph Daly 16 November 2005

I am an avowed athiest. But you manage to put your beliefs over in a beautiful way: your choice of words; the structure. This is a rare example of perfection. With respect Denis Joe

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