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Go beyond the past.
Go beyond the present..

Will you love me when night
Falls and nordic winds blow
All those drunken eyes out?

When those cleansed people
Wandering through other times
And places, look around aimlessly
In search of some remains of
What was once their soul —And
We too, among them?

Will you love me when the house
We can't find anymore, quietly sink
In other people's world?

Our hearts won't heal in small dreams.

Regretfully, we can't help but go on.


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Sunday, November 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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I wrote this poem in English, originally.

You can read the Italian version 'OLTRE' here:

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(Fabrizio Frosini)

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Pamela Sinicrope 06 October 2015

I’ve been reading and re-reading this poem over the last week or two. It caught my attention, and I read it in tandem with the poem, Ashen Hair, which then led me to read Celan’s Death Fugue and Eliot’s Hollow Men, and then to listen to a reading of Todesfugue in German, on YouTube. I then wrote my own poem, The Hollow Boy, which was influenced by a school shooting, but also by this poem and these others (among other things) . This poem hit me hard. The opening two lines, slow one down and get you thinking immediately….ok…the future. Then as I read the second stanza, I imagine two lovers making vows, when one askes, “Will you love me when night falls…” and life gets difficult? You reference the Hollow Men, when you speak of the Nordic winds blowing out drunken eyes and the cleansed people and the lovers looking for their lost souls. This reference refers to a time in a relationship when people can lose sight of their love, of their relationship; perhaps when they involve themselves in petty mindless thoughts, arguing, and let outsiders interfere in their life in their relationship? A time, when the judgement of mindless outsiders is more important than the minds of the lovers…so much so, that they join the hollow people in their mindlessness and live their lives without substance or thought? My favorite stanza in this poem (and I reference it in mine) is, /Will you love me when the house/ We can’t find anymore, quietly sinks/In other people’s world? / This is the part that left me thinking…hmmmm…..the house is one’s center, the place where they feel most comfortable to be who they truly are…if this sinks, then there is nothing. However, you changed the wording to quietly sink in OTHER people’s world…again a reference to outside influence and perception. To me this is a reminder AGAIN to look within and not without, to have the intestinal fortitude to not be concerned with the outside hollow world. The final three lines, /Alas, /Our hearts won’t heal in small dreams. /Regretfully, we can’t help but go on./ Leaves the reader wistfully hoping that the two lovers will have the strength to go on, that they will heal in BIG dreams and there will be hope….but obviously, this is a difficult path in life and the alternative is a very BIG possibility. Thank you for such a beautiful poem…and originally written in English! :)

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Terry Dawson 22 March 2020

Lovely strands in this great little poem. The course of our lives are seldom clear and we struggle to know which path should be ours or where it will lead to, yet we persevere.

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Unwritten Soul 02 February 2020

Beautiful! beyond the past beyond the present...the opening is a big one " will you love me when..." what directly comes to my mind is to end the poem with: will you love me even after your last breath will this love will be remembered beyond our life May it survive forever

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Fabrizio Frosini 10 February 2020

glad you like my poem 'BEYOND', dear Soul. A good friend's appreciation is a blessing Cheers F.

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Michael Walker 25 September 2019

Quite an intense, dramatic love poem. It has a broad sweep across the past into the present. 'We can't help but go on'-a motto which I have adopted in life.

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Fabrizio Frosini 29 September 2019

you are ''KINDNESS made a Person'', dear Michael. Thank you

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A B Faniki 07 September 2019

I enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing such thoughtful piece.

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Fabrizio Frosini 29 September 2019

it's truly nice of you. thank you so much

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Michael Walker 17 July 2019

You ask the question that matters: 'Will you love me? ' Life can be hard and unforgiving.

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Fabrizio Frosini 21 July 2019

''Life can be hard and unforgiving'' yes, really...

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