Coma ___ [ English ] Poem by Fabrizio Frosini

Coma ___ [ English ]

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. « I shall remember while the light lasts
. And in the darkness I shall not forget »
. ['Non-Catholic' Cemetery, Rome: headstone 2515]

Unable to
Enlighten the twilight between consciousness
And unconsciousness
She lives aside the despair
Of those attending - Just like
Her own.

What can only be discerned from outside
Is an imperceptible blink of an eye
That occasionally displays and then disappears,
While those who remain wonder
If a flicker of consciousness still exists.

Just waiting for
The rustling of the leaves to
Drive out the innermost thoughts
And set free the imprisoned mind,

Like a butterfly wrapped in the
Flickering shadows of dusk
Yearns for light to take off,
She confides in absolute darkness
To eventually join
The community of the dead.

Leaving perhaps a promise behind,
That once accepted
Into the dark, she will not forget.


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Coma ___ [ English ]
This is a translation of the poem Coma ___ [italian] by Fabrizio Frosini
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death
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This is my English adaptation of the poem ''COMA'', that I originally wrote in my native language (Italian) .

You can read it here: http: //

[notes of the author: ]

The 'Non-Catholic' Cemetery is in Rome.

The inscription «I shall remember while the light lasts / And in the darkness I shall not forget» is engraved on the headstone 2515
[next to Percy Bysshe Shelley's grave and to John Keats' grave]

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This poem, 'COMA', belongs in my book 'Allo Specchio di Me Stesso' ['At The Mirror of Myself'], published as an eBook at

About this book of mine:

''The game of memory leaves no way in the daily struggle with the reality of a world less and less understandable and acceptable.. and when evening falls, the interior mirror collects in its thickness - and then reflects - all the tangle of dichotomies and contradictions, as well as expectations and fantasies, which remain suspended in the indefinite border of twilight that separates light from darkness..''
Savita Tyagi 28 July 2019

Beautiful poem. I think I read it long time back. It invoked deep emotions then and it impresses upon mind now as well. So difficult a situation when one can’t express what one feels.

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Fabrizio Frosini 01 August 2019

Thank you so much, dear Savita (and I see that this is your 2nd comment on " Coma" - GRACIAS!)

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Julia Luber 01 March 2019

Somewhat traumatic flashback- seeing somebody in a coma who died five/six years ago. I am feeling reminded.

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Fabrizio Frosini 06 March 2019

Hi Julia. Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem. Cheers.

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Luz Hanaii 01 February 2019

I really enjoyed this poem. I often wonder what the comatose dream about? or is it all darkness? Some come back and tell stories, while others move on to death. Giving you a big 10+++

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Fabrizio Frosini 11 February 2019

muchas gracias, dear Luz

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Nadia Umber Lodhi 06 October 2018

Nice poem sir this stage of unconscious is very miserable

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Fabrizio Frosini 09 October 2018

thank you, Nadia. Blessings

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Savita Tyagi 24 July 2017

A very beautiful poem on state of consciousness. My personal feeling in thinking of that situation is that her mind probably is already free. It is her body that medical science has in prison in hope of bringing her back to life. It must be a very challenging situation for a doctor to face with. Its agonizing effect is brought out so poetically in this lovely poem.

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Fabrizio Frosini 24 July 2017

interesting comment, Savita. And indeed you're right about the ''very challenging situation''.. Thank you so much.

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