# Black Crow (The Outsider) * Inspired By A Poem By Jasmin Whyte Poem by Sonya Florentino

# Black Crow (The Outsider) * Inspired By A Poem By Jasmin Whyte

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(inspired by the poem 'Doves Dream' by Jasmin Whyte;
please read 1st comment below on how this poem came about)

The black crow
Through the window
Watching you write a poem
About a white dove
Dreaming of peace
And all good things
That can possibly be

The black crow
Is my heart
Dreaming of
becoming a dove
Dreaming of being
part of that world

The black crow
Through the window
Trying to dream
To imagine
What it is to love

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

Mifael Llauderes 22 May 2009

beautiful indeed... and the black crow is magnificent bird. just underrated.

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Laurie Hill 13 May 2009

the black crow can fly as well as a dove, it just takes longer to learn.................

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Sandra Fowler 11 May 2009

Do black crows dream? No doubt they do. A very profound contrast. Forever different, yet forever joined. At least in dreams. Warm regards, Sandra

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Sonya Florentino 11 May 2009

This poem is inspired by “Doves dream” written by Jasmin Whyte. I commented on her poem, asking if the white dove and the black crow were one and the same. She sent me an email to thank me for my comment and explained that while she was writing the poem about the dove, she noticed a black crow looking at her, as if in encourgement. Somehow this image stuck in my mind and led me to write my poem “Black Crow”

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

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